Focusrite Scarlett 4i4, 8i6, 18i20 | Everything You Need To Know

The Focusrite Scarlett audio interfaces have been heavily updated to assure you’re getting all that you need, in one compact package. These models are now USB-C compatible, so you’ll be able to use them with all computers, old and new.

The units feature Scarlett microphone preamps, which now come with improved gain and dynamic range. Focusrite has brought “Air Mode” to their Scarlett preamps, which was previously featured on their Clarett line. Air Mode simulates their classic, transformer based ISA range, giving the sound more top-end clarity and detail. It’s particularly useful for vocals and acoustic instruments.

The Focusrite Scarlett interfaces also have additional I/O features, affording unmatched versatility and unlimited potential. The 4i4 (previously the 2i4) now has two line inputs on the back of the unit, in addition to the two mic preamps on the front. The four outputs on the back now balance quarter inch jacks. There’s also MIDI connection for synths or drum machines.

The 8i6 (previously the 6i6) has been also been updated. It now boasts four line inputs and four balanced outputs on the rear of the unit, plus two preamps on the front. SPDIF I/O also gives you 2 additional digital channels to occupy.

The 18i8 has four mic preamps on the front, with four line inputs on the back. There’s also a second pair of balanced outputs, plus alternate monitor switching—helpful for A/B comparisons. It also features an optical input for adding up to 8 mic preamps, with the help of a Focusrite Octopre unit. To make this highly functional unit clean-looking, portable, and easy to use, the rack ears are now removable.

Each unit comes with Focusrite Control for direct monitoring. You can use Control to configure your interface, including engaging Air Mode or pads on the mic preamps. The Third Gen of Focusrite Control has added a loopback feature for recording playback from your CPU – awesome for streamers or podcasters.

Focusrite gives you a ton of software options and expansions for all its Scarlett models. All Scarlett interfaces come with ProTools|First creative pack and Ableton Live Lite. There’s also the Focusrite Red Plugin Suite, 3 months of Splice credits, and the Focusrite Plugin Collective, offering new and different plugins throughout the years.

Clearly Focusrite’s Scarlett series has all their bases covered. And with any of these models, so will you.

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