While the guitar is obviously the most important thing you will need when learning to play, accessories are almost as important. They make the process of learning easier and therefor much more enjoyable. We have featured here our top five choices of accessories you will want to pick up before starting out on your guitar playing adventure.

Accessories are extremely important to any guitarist’s versatility, preparation and professionalism. But with so many options available on the market it can be easy to become a little overwhelmed and unsure of what makes a good purchase.

1) Guitar Case

Getting to and from your lessons or your gigs or just to and from a friend’s house to jam a little is made easier and safer with a case or gig bag. They come in all different sizes and price points offering protection and comfort. Whether it’s a hard case or a strong, padded soft case is something that ultimately comes down to your preference, budget, and the value of the guitar inside.

Gator offers selections of acoustic, electric and bass  hardshell cases. The GB-4G Series of electric gigbags are padded on all sides for maximum protection but are lightweight making carrying your guitar easy.

2) Capo

The things that really matter and make for the best quality capos are: Not affecting tuning and intonation, being easy to clamp on and off, that the sound isn’t affected by buzzing or muting, and that it is lightweight.

The Keyser Quick Change is simple, reliable and easy-to-use. It has been around for ages and has proven its worth many times over.

3) Boost, EQ, or Tuner Pedals

Effects pedals are essential to a lot of guitar playing because they open up a wide range of possibilities. They’re a must-have because it gives the player a ton of versatility when it comes to crafting tone without having to go back to the amp and tweak settings. From simple effects like overdrive and fuzz, to more utilitarian pedals like boosts, EQ, and tuners, having one or two pedals from manufacturers like Wampler or others goes a long way. Check out the Wampler Equator for one of the best EQs around.

4) Guitar Strap

A durable, reliable, strong, adjustable, comfortable guitar strap is an absolute essential. So much is at stake – from dropping your instrument to physical discomfort – meaning a guitar strap is an accessory purchase that should be taken very seriously.

Levy Leather’s offers straps in all different colors, materials, styles and price points making sure that they have just what you need. No matter your needs.

5) Guitar Cable

You are only as good as your cables, the old adage goes. Better make sure your cables are good ones then!

Obviously, your cables need to be strong and reliable. Other key features of good quality cables are that they are low noise cables i.e. not creating noises from wireless devices, electric currents etc., as well as providing a full spectrum sound.

Tourtek instrument cables or Mogami Gold are fantastic in both of these regards, as well as being available in both straight-to-straight and straight-to-rectangular varieties, and 10 feet or 20 feet lengths.

Alex Bruce is a writer for Guitartricks.com and 30daysinger.com.