Fishman Triple Play Jennifer Batten Demo

We were honored to welcome guitarist Jennifer Batten to the Sam Ash Spotlight to talk about the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Midi Guitar System. Over the course of her legendary career, Jennifer has worked with icons including Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck and Natalie Cole. Jennifer discusses her history with synth guitar from her days playing with Jeff Beck and how the Triple Play has given new life to that style of playing. Jennifer praises the compact form factor of Triple Play, comparing it with the copious amount of gear Synth guitar players used to need to bring on tour. Watch Jeniffer play through some great riffs using just the Triple Play and her laptop. Jennifer also explains how to divide the guitar up into quadrants to create full arrangements with Bass, Synth, Drum and guitar each assigned to a distinct quadrant.

About the Fishman Triple Play

The Fishman Triple Play mounts to your electric guitar and establishes a wireless connection to software so you can play virtual instruments via MIDI from your favorite electric guitar. The Triple Play operates via rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for a true wireless experience. The system includes an easy use software interface which allows you to store presets and map your strings to different sounds. Fishman was very focused on ensuring that Triple Play had extremely low latency so you can emulate instruments like drums and Saxophones with a natural response.

The Triple Play lets guitarists explore new musical avenues while still being able to play on the instrument they are most comfortable with.

Sam Ash Difference:

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