Fender Vintage All Original 1957 Stratocaster

Perhaps the most popular and best recognized electric guitar the world will ever know: The Fender Stratocaster, more commonly called simply “Strat”.

Over the years, Fender (and other manufacturers) have produced thousands of variants of the simple design. I have heard it said that a person can choose a Strat in $100.00 increments, and it’s true.

In the early years, the exact reverse was true. Subtle changes and (sometimes) upgrades moved quite a bit slower. Over the years, the early Strats made in the 1950s are still the most coveted of all. The most vaunted of the ’50s Strats is the 1954 model, which represents the dawn of the Strat, and was made in a very small numbers (not available in stores until October of 1954). Very arguably the next most desired Strat is the 1957 model. The Strats 3rd full year of production, the ’57 model embodies all the appointments that Strat aficionados hold dear. The two-color sunburst finish, a lightweight alder body, bright, clear pickups and the infamous soft “V” shaped neck carve. The ’57 represents the model year that had it all. The 1958 Strats went to the 1960s looking three-color finish, and by ’59, rosewood ‘boards were introduced. The ’57 is said by some to be the last of the very best.

The ’57 Strat we are proud to offer here (serial number 21393) is in all original, very good condition (including tweed case), and even sports the original frets. All pot codes match. Pickups have been in and out to be re-potted, and sound bright, powerful and strong. The back plate is whole but has a crack and is fragile.

The finish is 100% original, and is worn just the right amount for some extremely great mojo. This old girl has seen some action, but not too much. The finish has aged as gracefully as Rachel Welsh, and is easily as sexy and well looked after. The fretboard has the play wear that is so common with nitro-finished maple, which only serves to enhance the simple beauty of the design. The frets are very playable and have tons of life in them. In fact, the guitar was owned by a player, and it is reflected in the top-shelf playability present on this outstanding find. ’50s Strats in this condition are getting harder to locate. A favorite of players and collectors alike, vintage ’50s Strats are among the most sought-after instruments in the vintage market. This vintage 1957 Stratocaster is a true piece of musical instrument and American history, and offers a rare chance to own one of the best of the best.