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Matty is a classically trained, professional musician hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. He began his music theory training at the age of 11, starting on piano, and progressing into guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, and cello. In addition to a hefty background in music theory, he has earned a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in Computer Science, and an Associates degree in Audio Engineering from Lakeland College. He has worked in studios for the past 16 years, recording and mixing all genres of music from Folk to Death Metal. The main studio he worked in being Closed Studios/Critical Rewind in Cleveland where he has worked with bands like Mushroomhead, Machinegun Kelly, Vimic, and Solipsist. His musical ventures has led him to an impressive list of contacts and work references. Currently, he is heavily involved in the Florida music scene and his music projects are well-known throughout the state. If you need help with Guitars, Drums, Pro Audio, Technology, or Orchestral, Matty can help!