Acoustic guitar strings have a significant impact on the tone of your favorite instruments. In the acoustic world you cannot hide behind high wattage amplifier stacks and complex effects chains. It is just you and your guitar. Thankfully the folks at Ernie Ball have some excellent acoustic guitar string options for you to experiment with as you pursue that perfect tone.

Gauge Your Comfort

Before we get into different string material and winding processes, it is important to find the string gauge or thickness you are most comfortable with. This will give you an excellent reference point for experimenting with different options.

Light Gauge (10s/11s/13s)

The Ernie Ball strings that are considered light gauge include the extra light, light, and medium light string configurations. The main features of light strings include easy bending and more treble when compared with heavier options. This makes lighter strings ideal for technical players who want their picking and strumming techniques to stand out more.

Heavy Gauge (12s/13s)

The Ernie Ball strings that are considered heavy gauge include the medium light and medium models. The main features of heavier strings include louder volume and more bass when compared with lighter options. This makes heavier strings ideal for players who want a rich tone with plenty of sustain.

Find Your Material

Ernie Ball has spent countless hours experimenting with different materials to create many distinct tonal possibilities. The below charts provide a rundown of different lines of strings that Ernie Ball offers as well as information on which strings your favorite Ernie Ball artists are using. Last but not least, be sure to check out this awesome Ultimate String Test for sound by sound comparison of Ernie Ball’s various acoustic guitar string offerings.