Can I add additional pads in the future?

Some of the drum modules in the intermediate range and all of the high-end modules provide a few extra input jacks that will allow you to add additional pads. In the lower range of sets, this can’t easily be done because the modules lack additional inputs. Some users have added pads and used Y-cables to join 2 pads to one input. Of course, this means that 2 pads are playing the same sound but in the case of cymbals, it can be fun to put a crash cymbal on both your left and right sides.
Many people wanting to upgrade their electronic drum set will decide that it’s more efficient to sell their set and then purchase a more advanced and larger set.

Can I replace or fix a broken pad easily?

The easy answer is yes! Electronic drum set pads don’t wear out or break easily and if they do, they are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties for a year. Sam Ash Direct also offers to extend your warranty for a modest price. But without warranty coverage to repair your worn out pad, it’s often more cost-effective to purchase a new replacement pad. But this doesn’t often happen!

Can I incorporate my electronic drum set into my acoustic kit?

Absolutely! Many drummers do! We will soon have a PERCUSSION PAD BUYERS GUIDE to familiarize you will the array of electronic percussion pads that feature multiple playing surfaces on a single unit, driving a multitude of drum and percussion sounds. But it’s not difficult to bring parts or all of your electronic drum set into your acoustic drums set up, vastly expanding your range of sound options and capabilities. Since it would be very difficult to fit an electronic drum set rack around an acoustic drum set unless it was set up to the rear (a la Neil Peart) or to the side of you, the purchase of a few additional stands or attachments will enable you to position electronic drum and cymbal pads in and around your acoustic kit.

You will need the drum module mounted or placed in a convenient position and you will need to have a monitor for your electronics and an amplifier or sound system access. But with some modest investment of your funds and your time, you will have a hybrid acoustic and electronic drum set with which you can rival or become a leading player in this field and a very valuable asset to any adventurous and forward-thinking band or musical project.
For ideas about mounting electronic drum pads around an acoustic kit, call 1-800-4-SAMASH and ask for a drums expert. They’ll know what to suggest!

Can I play my acoustic drums through my drum sound module?

If you mean, can you use your acoustic drums to play or trigger other sounds in your drum sound module, the answer is YES! In fact, MANY of the bands and musical acts you hear are bolstering and expanding their acoustic drum sounds (particularly the kick drum!) by using triggers attached to their drums and wired to their drum modules. Go back to the Sam Ash Direct Home page (when we’re done here!), pick “Drums” then “Electronic Drums” and then “Triggers” to see our selection of drum triggers.

All of the drum sound modules that are part of the featured electronic drum sets will accept drum triggers. Except for the very least expensive electronic drum sets, their sound modules (often called “brains”) are sold separately and are used as sound modules that are driven by drum triggers, with or without electronic drum set pads. So the module that comes with your electronic drum set will, yes, accept drum triggers from your acoustic drums and with just a little bit of knob-tweaking, if any at all, will play the sounds that you decide, making your acoustic drums something even bigger! Please note that so far, there is no practical way to trigger other sounds from a real cymbal.