Electro Voice ZLX BT Loudspeakers: Everything You Need to Know

Touted as the best-selling portable loudspeakers in the world, the Electro-Voice ZLX series can be found in homes, rehearsal spaces, and venues across the country. Packed with features and incredibly lightweight, ZLX offers premium sound quality and DSP control that positions them as the best value in portable live sound reinforcement. The latest edition to the best-selling ZLX series, the Electro-Voice ZLX- 12BT and the Electro Voice ZLX-15BT models feature convenient Bluetooth receivers. This gives you the option to wirelessly stream music from your smart device directly to these incredible loudspeakers.  Let’s take a closer look at the Electro-Voice 12BT and 15BT speakers.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

The addition of Bluetooth makes these wonderful options for your backyard parties and events. Simply cue up your favorite playlist and start the party without having to leave your phone unattended.  If you already own a standard ZLX 12P or 15P, simply run an XLR from your ZLX Bluetooth and you can achieve stereo streaming from a point-to-point source. In a live audio setting, this would free up whatever channels you might have been using on your mixer to run a phone, tablet or music player, making them a great addition to an existing setup.


Just like the standard ZLX models, the ZLX 12BT and 15BT both feature Electro-Voice’s QuickSmartDSP. Featuring best-in-class processing, QuickSmartDSP allows the user to adapt their ZLX speaker to its environment with the simple turn of a knob. Upon entering the menu you will find four presets, a sub/top system-match, two-band EQ, five user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, and master volume control to optimize gain structure, all via LCD.

Power and Quality

Both the ZLX 12BT and 15BT both feature a high-efficiency 1000 W Class-D power amplifiers that deliver up to 126 dB peak SPL, utilizing transducers designed and engineered by Electro-Voice. The patented waveguide design of these Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading. Enclosed in rugged composite cabinets with three optimally located handles, ZLX series speakers are known as the most portable professional speakers on the market.

Electro Voice ZLX 12-BT Powered Speaker with Bluetooth

Electro Voice ZLX15-BT Powered Speaker with Bluetooth