Electro-Voice: 90 Years of Pro Audio Experience

For 90 years Electro-Voice has designed and engineered leading-edge sound reinforcement solutions – products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the experience of your audience.

They have a passion for sound quality without compromise. This is built upon generations of hands-on professional knowledge – all geared towards producing a portfolio of speakers that combine flawless performance, reliability and value. Electro-Voice is one of the few pro audio companies to design all components in-house – enclosures, waveguides, drivers – ensuring excellent quality for every application and their impressive track record of patents proves the point. Believe it or not, it was Electro Voice who invented the humbucking coil back in 1934.

Their devotion to the science of audio evokes the attitude of the performers who rely upon their gear night in and night out. Like a musician who strives to improve and learn, Electro Voice is constantly focused upon innovative ways to create a sensory experience that is second to none. It’s a difference you will hear, feel and appreciate when you experience their incredible line of speaker solutions.

Electro Voice Designs All Components of their Loudspeakers

Why Buy Electro-Voice Powered Loudspeakers?

Each member of the award-winning Electro-Voice portable loudspeaker family is designed and engineered in the USA to deliver superior performance across every detail.

EV is a true pro audio heavyweight because they also build bigger systems for concert sound —and boast a proven track record of providing sound on the world biggest stages and events. They do an incredible job of leveraging what they have learned at the most competitive and critical level of the live sound universe and have managed to condense those lessons into their more compact and portable systems

From the unbeatable value and power-to-weight ratio offered by ZLX up to the uncompromising performance and advanced technology on top-of-the-line ETX series, EV’s mission is to make you sound your best. Any application. Every budget. Electro-Voice has the solution for you. Now that we have a good idea of who Electro Voice is, let’s review some of the premium Electro Voice Speakers you will find at Sam Ash to determine which model best fits your needs and performance goals.

The Electro Voice Family of Speakers

ZLX Series:


The ZLX series brings class-leading sound quality, power, and reliability to a price point that positions them as the best-value lightweight pro audio speakers available today.

The latest editions to the best-selling ZLX series, the Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT and the Electro Voice ZLX-15BT models feature convenient Bluetooth receivers. This gives you the option to wirelessly stream music from your smart device directly to these incredible loudspeakers.

ZLX Bluetooth models offer components and engineering that work together to make it quicker and easier than ever to take control of your sound, no matter the gig. Now, with Bluetooth enabled wireless audio streaming, legendary ZLX performance becomes even more convenient, adding the ability to easily connect to any mobile device for playing your music library. In a live audio setting, you can now free up whatever channels you might have used on your mixer to instead run a phone, tablet, or music player.

Just like the standard ZLX models, the ZLX 12BT and 15BT both feature Electro-Voice’s QuickSmartDSP. This best-in-class processor allows users to adapt their ZLX speaker to an environment with the simple turn of a knob. As far as customizing your sound, these models afford you four presets, a sub/top system-match, two-band EQ, five user-programmable presets, visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, and master volume control to optimize gain structure, all via a beautiful LCD.

Both the ZLX 12BT and 15BT both feature a high-efficiency 1000 W Class-D power amplifiers that deliver up to 126 dB peak SPL, utilizing transducers designed and engineered by Electro-Voice. The patented waveguide design of these Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading. Enclosed in rugged composite cabinets with three optimally located handles, ZLX series speakers are known as the most portable professional speakers on the market.

Power Rating:     1000 Watts

Max SPL:             126dB

Cabinet Material: Composite (Molded Plastic)

DSP:                          Quicksmart with LCD

ZLX: Power and Portability at an unheard of value

ELX Series


Designed for DJs, musicians, and venues looking for a speaker equipped with everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to get the job done right — and all with the warm sound of wood enclosures — the award-winning ELX series stands alone in its category as a great-value option from a pro audio brand with serious sound reinforcement legacy.

ELX loudspeakers offer top-quality components in remarkably affordable configurations that put the EV-quality experience within reach for artists, engineers, and Bands/DJ’s looking to make an impact at events. Designed for a wide range of portable sound applications, with straightforward controls for excellent results with ease, ELX speakers are workhorses that perform night and night out.

What we love about the ELX Speakers is that they don’t sacrifice portability despite their rugged multi-layer plywood construction. Electro Voice actually uses a specialized design method that allows the wood to weigh less than you typically experience with similar sized enclosures made out of wood.

In addition to the pure performance and limited resonance that comes with wood construction, the ELX also adds additional professional features including the option of pre or post mix parallel outputs. This gives you more control if you’re looking to expand your signal to additional speakers. It also boasts an additional RCA input. This is great for direct connection of your DJ Controller or Drum Machine. While it doesn’t feature the Quicksmart DSP circuit of the ZLX, the ELX series can be considered to have a more straightforward approach when it comes to setup. For example if you just want to make a speech, simply plug your microphone directly into the second channel on the speakers back panel, flip the switch from Line to Mic, and you will sound great, even without a mixer. If you are using the system with a Subwoofer, one switch will optimize your speaker immediately.

ELX Speakers Feature a More Traditional Back Panel

Available models include the Electro Voice ELX112P 12” Loudspeaker, Electro Voice ELX115P 15” Loudspeaker and the Electro Voice ELX118P 18” Subwoofer. All of these sizes are also available in Passive models that require a separate power amplifier.

Key features:

Power Rating:       1000 Watts

Max SPL:                130dB

Cabinet Material: 9-Ply 15mm Plywood with Internal Bracing and Textured Finish

DSP:                          Boost Option/Mic-Line Selector Switch/Subwoofer Selector



The newest member of the best-selling EV portable loudspeaker family, EKX makes it easy to optimize the power of your performance, whatever the application, thanks to a range of EV-exclusive features you simply won’t find from other brands.

Building upon their innovative user interface used on the ZLX series, the EKX series takes it to another level with the introduction of Quick Smart DSP Plus. This builds on the standard Quicksmart Technology in various ways offering a larger LCD screen, 3 Band EQ, and even 5 presets that you can store for instant recall. The presets are great if you tend to play the same venue and want to find your optimal sonic settings for that acoustic space. The DSP section also lets you choose different sized subwoofers for more precise integration. The screen can even be locked to prevent a passerby from accidentally affecting your performance.

QuickSmart DSP+ Offers Extensive Setup Features

However, where the EKX really shows the muscle of its experienced engineering team is its ability to reach your entire audience with balance and consistency. Thanks to Electro Voice’s Patented Signal Synchronized Transducers, the high frequency compression driver is able to match the dispersion of the larger low frequency woofer. This results in a balanced signal and helps standardize the experience of your audience. With EKX, there is not a bad seat in the house when it comes to listening to your performance.

The EKX series features 15mm wood enclosures that are phenomenally lightweight. The addition of internal bracing helps maintain tight sonic performance. Electro Voice also uses a special coated finish on the cabinets to help resist dents and scratches. Further durability is provided by metal carry handles and aluminum pole mount receptacles.

EV Signal Synchronized Transducers Provide Precise and Even Coverage

EKX also represents a significant power boost over the ZLX and ELX series offering 1,500 Watts of Power with the ability to reach maximum SPL’s up to 132dB. EKX also features automatic thermal management sensors that activate a variable speed fan, making the speaker ideal for outdoor performances in intense environments.

Available models include the Electro Voice EKX 12P 12” Loudspeaker, Electro Voice EKX 15P 15” Loudspeaker, Electro Voice EKX 15SP 15” Subwoofer and the Electro Voice EKX-18SP 18” Subwoofer.

Key features:

Power Rating:       1500 Watts

Max SPL:                 134dB

Cabinet Material: 15mm Plywood with Internal Bracing and EVCOAT Finish

DSP:                          QuickSmart DSP+



ETX Powered Loudspeakers are the top-of-the-line members of the EV portable sound family. They are engineered from the ground up to have the best specifications compared to other Loudspeakers in their price point. ETX is all about delivering an uncompromising combination of advanced audio performance and all-around versatility.

ETX are the most powerful speakers within the Electro Voice portable sound families, offering 2000 Watts of power and reaching a maximum SPL of 135dB. They also share more features with Electro Voice’s Large Scale Concert Venue products than the less expensive models in the portable line.

ETX Offers a Larger LCD Menu and 2000 Watts of Power

One of the incredible features that come with an upgrade to ETX is FIR(Finite Impulse Response) technology. FIR uses specialized processing algorithms to correct for the physical limitations of cabinet design. This helps improve time alignment between the LF and HF signals and works in conjunction with the Quicksmart Plus user controlled DSP menu to optimize the response based on your selected application (Music/Live/Speech) and Placement (Tripod/Monitor/Array/Wall/Suspend). The ETX also offers the most in depth features on its LCD menu including Delay time which is a great feature for coordinating sound with multispeaker setups in large rooms. I also really like the precise subwoofer integration control offered by ETX. Not only can you select specific Electro Voice Subwoofer models, but you also have the ability to choose from various different high pass frequency options. Advanced monitoring of the power and thermal limiting circuits via the LCD are another cool next level feature on ETX Speakers. While the limiters are automatic based on heat level and voltage inside the speaker, the LCD provides an exact readout of how much output is being reduced by the automatic protection circuit.

Dual Pole Mount Receptacles let you choose your angle

As you can probably guess, ETX also boasts an upgraded cabinet design. Starting with construction, ETX speakers offer 18mm, 13-ply Birch Plywood enclosures. This thicker wood further eliminates unwanted resonance that tends to occur with plastic boxes and cabinets constructed of thinner wood. Another upgraded design feature is the two pole mount receptacles that are located on the bottom of ETX Speakers. Having two pole mount receptacles allows you to select if you want the speaker to point sound horizontally straight towards the audience(0 degrees) or you can have your speaker point sound at an angle towards the audience(7.5 degrees). This setting is ideal for situations like elevated DJ booths where you want you’re audio focused on reaching the audience below you.

Available models include the Electro Voice ETX-10P 10” Loudspeaker, the Electro Voice ETX-12P 12” Loudspeaker, the Electro Voice ETX-15P 15” Loudspeaker, and the Electro Voice ETX-35P 15” Three Way Loudspeaker. The Three Way Loudspeaker includes an additional Mid Frequency driver between the woofer and compression driver. The Electro Voice ETX-15SP 15” Subwoofer and the Electro Voice ETX-18SP 18” Subwoofer are also available

Key features:

Power Rating:     2000 Watts

Max SPL:             135dB

Cabinet Material: 18mm, 13-Ply Birch Plywood with Internal Bracing and EVCOAT Finish

DSP:                      QuickSmart DSP+

The Flagship ETX Loudspeaker


The Sam Ash Difference

Sam Ash and Electro Voice have worked closely over many decades to improve the lives of Musicians, DJ’s, and performers of all kinds. When we told them our customers needed to be able to transport systems more efficiently, they went to the drawing board and created reliable amplifiers and premium materials that were extremely lightweight but still sounded great. When we heard from DJ’s and event coordinators that setup and breakdown was too burdensome, Electro Voice responded with QuickSmart DSP, letting everyone from the pastor to the experienced engineer optimize the Speaker quickly and efficiently for the situation at hand. If your looking to upgrade from your passive setup, your older heavy powered speakers, or are ready to take the next step with more power and better quality, Electro Voice has a solution for you. Furthermore our Sam Ash experts are here to help you find the right speaker for you and your needs. Just come down to a store and we will be happy to demo all the options so you can make an informed purchasing decision. If you’re not near a store, don’t worry, simply call 1-800-472-6274, we have live sound experts like me standing by that are ready to help.