Holiday songs may sound good on your car’s radio, but imagine how they’d sound on this unit. Better yet, imagine how they’d sound on this unit without having to spend a penny. For a limited time, you can win the Electro-Voice Evolve 50 Portable Line Array PA System, absolutely FREE!

Giving your audience a sound experience they’ll never forget should be the top priority for anyone responsible for music and entertainment. It’s up to you to make the crowd feel like they’re at a concert, even if they aren’t. With the ever-growing demand for top-notch sound in any setting, the Electro-Voice Evolve 50 Portable Line Array PA System absolutely fits the bill. Highlighted by larger-than-life sound and advanced technology, this system will occupy any sonic space with confidence and a robust frequency range. Able to be taken around to accommodate to your busy performance schedule, the Evolve 50 is portable and unbelievably convenient. Transporting elite dynamic range and stadium-style sound has never been so easy.

Larger-Than-Life Sound

Nothing strikes excitement into the hearts of music enthusiasts quite like thumping bass. The Evolve 50 takes that idea up a notch, courtesy of its built-in 12” all-wood subwoofer. This bowel-busting bass is going to sound killer for pop, EDM, hip-hop and most other genres for your event. You won’t just drown in a sea of low-end, though; eight 3.5” neodymium compression drivers are designed to handle the rest of the frequency spectrum by dispersing sound at a 120-degree angle. The result is a consistent and wide stereo sound for an enhanced listening experience, regardless of venue or location.  With 1000 W of power, low or limited volume is simply a non-issue.

Advanced Technology

The Evolve 50 demonstrates a built-in multi-channel mixer equipped with Bluetooth, offering wireless streaming options from your iPhone, iPad or other smart device. On top of this, you have the power of controlling various speaker specifications through a single knob-controlled LCD interface. This technology, known as QuickSmart, lets users toggle between four custom setups: Music, Club, Live and Speech. As one could imagine, each setup has EQ and level settings depending on the audio context, and these mix components can all be managed and adjusted manually.


Giving speeches at multiple venues? Performing at all of the hottest clubs downtown? Rest assured knowing that the Evolve 50 is lightweight, portable and ridiculously easy to set up. Plug the dedicated magnet-secured pole into the subwoofer, slide the column array onto the pole, and that’s that. This 3-piece setup can fit easily into cars for road trips and tours. While exercise and healthy habits are always encouraged at Sam Ash, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that you won’t need to hit the gym extra hard before transporting this audio juggernaut around; the entire system weighs only 60 pounds!


  • 1000 W Portable Line Array PA System
  • Dedicated 12” Subwoofer with epic bass
  • Eight 3.5” neodymium compression drivers for balanced frequencies and consistent dynamic range
  • Built-in 3 Channel Mixer with phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Single-knob controlled LCD interface for volume, EQ and level settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity for smart devices and wireless music streaming
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