Electro Voice Evolve 50 Portable Line Array PA System: Quick Look

What is Evolve:

The Electro Voice Evolve 50 is part of the latest trend in portable live sound: Line Array PA Systems. Unlike traditional two-way powered speakers that feature one large woofer and one smaller tweeter, these new Line Array Systems use a stacked configuration consisting of multiple smaller drivers along with a dedicated large woofer on the bottom to handle low frequencies. Line array systems were originally developed for large installed sound systems at large venues, stadiums and theaters. However, their ability to provide a wider coverage area and increased overall efficiency have forced the emergence of these portable versions. Most line array PA systems also offer built in multi-channel mixers. This makes them ideal all in one sound reinforcements systems for singer-songwriters and small duos.

Why Evolve: The Design

While the Evolve 50 was not the first portable line array system to be released, it has quickly become a perennial favorite amongst our Sam Ash Experts. What sets the Evolve 50 apart you ask? Well, it starts at the bottom. Featuring a large 12” long excursion subwoofer within a ported enclosure, the Evolve is able to deliver a frequency range down to 37Hz. This deep and detailed low frequency performance makes the system perfect for mobile DJs. High and mid frequencies are taken care of via eight 3.5” neodymium drivers that are stacked directly on top of each other. To account for the difference in width between the 12” subwoofer and 3.5” drivers, each of the eight drivers has its own composite waveguide. The waveguides allow the drivers to match the 120 degree horizontal coverage of the subwoofer. The result is a wider sweetspot and therefore more consistent coverage. In other words, the audiences towards the side of the stage will get the same high definition sound as those seated closer to the center. With so many components packed into a single unit, you might doubt the actual portability of Evolve 50. But, believe it or not, the entire system only weighs 60 pounds. For simplified setup and breakdown, the components of the Evolve 50 feature magnets that lock the different pieces of the system together.

Why Evolve: The Technology

The Evolve 50 is packed with Electro Voice’s latest digital signal processing technology to ensure high definition sound and maximum flexibility. All these DSP settings can be controlled via the Evolve 50’s QuickSmart LCD interface. Featuring a single knob for unrivaled simplicity, you can easily toggle between application presets (Music, Live Sound, Speech, Club), 3 band EQ settings, and of course volume. The LCD also gives you the benefit of visual metering to make sure you not overdriving the system. To accommodate larger venues where you need more than one system, Electro Voice offers a free smartphone application that lets you wirelessly control up to 6 systems and apply system delay settings so everything is in sync. Other great features include Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and phantom power inputs so you can use your favorite condenser microphones or passive direct boxes.