If you’re like most electric guitarists, it won’t take long before you put together a sizeable collection of effects pedals. This presents you with two problems: First, how much time are you going to spend putting the pedals in the right order and wiring them up each time you get to your gig? Second, how are you going to get them all to the gig with all your other stuff?

You could take the time to build a homemade pedal board attaching each pedal in its place or you could have something professionally custom-made. A much easier way to go is to buy one of the many pedal boards from companies like Boss, Gator, SKB or other makers. Most of these are convenient ways to keep you pedals together and may include carrying cases and power supplies for all your pedals.

When putting together your pedal board, consider convenient placement of each unit for your use and also consider how you would like the pedals to be placed within the effects chain. There is no required order, but the order in which you place the pedals will affect your tone. For example, placing distortion effect after modulation effects will result in a different tone than if you place your distortion before the modulation. Experimentation with positioning is the best way to discover what is best suited to your tastes.

Gator has a complete line of pedal boards that provide the perfect solution to the problem of dealing with multiple pedals:

The Gator GPT-BL-PWR includes a power supply with eight 9-volt and three 18-volt outputs and can handle five or more pedals depending on footprint of your pedals. It also comes with a handy carrying case.

The Gator G-Bone series of pedal boards have models to accommodate up to ten pedals with a 9-volt daisy chain power supply to keep them all running without batteries. The G-Bone series includes carry bags (or for the top of the line model, a rolling bag). The G-Mega Bone models are curved so it’s easier to operate multiple pedals on stage, and have two larger surfaces to accommodate expression pedals and other large units.

The SKB PS-45 Professional Pedalboard offers patented protection for your pedals, plus everything else you need in a professional pedal board. It includes a built-in power conditioner with eight protected 9-volt outlets and three AC outlets (with enough space to plug in “wall warts” for pedals with unusual power requirements) to assure that your effects will operate consistently and without trouble. The whole thing seals up tight with the included hard case/cover to protect your precious collection.