Hailing from Akron, Ohio Earthquaker devices have quickly gained a dynamite reputation in the pedal community. Their unique designs are inspired by the idea that effects pedals should be simple to use while also allowing for plenty of sonic exploration. Another thing we love about the culture of Earthquaker is that every pedal is hand built, hand tested and guaranteed for life. Check out our video on their Earthquaker Eruptor Classic Fuzz to hear what all the fuzz is about for yourself.

About Eruptor

The Eruptor is what we like to call “full force fuzz” giving you crushing lows with a smooth top end. Earthquaker spent over two year designing the Eruptor to make sure it delivers a dynamic performance by responding to changes in your guitar volume and tone controls.

When Earthquaker was building the Eruptor, they wanted to make sure it performed to strict standards no matter where you placed it within your effect chain. That is why the Eruptor features a buffered input section and transformer based pickup simulation. All electronic components were meticulously selected to get that deep fuzz with smoldering attitude.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Eruptor (besides the Volcano tribute artwork) is the ultra-simplified single large knob interface.  Labeled as a “bias” control and if we can get a bit scientific for a second, this knob is actually adjusting the amount of voltage being fed to the NOS silicon transistor. A low bias setting gives you a more spongy fuzz with plently of sag and attack . When you move the knob clockwise to the higher setting, you get additional harmonics and a longer sustain with a bit more bite. Eruptor features a fixed output level and gain setting so the pedal can completely focus on the fuzz without coloring other tonal character. Either way, everything you need to know about this pedal is left to right on that knob. It’s also worth mentioning that Eruptor is a true bypass pedal with an all analog signal path.