The Digitech FreqOut Natural Feedback creator effect  pedal  helps you embrace feedback instead of fighting to eliminate it. FreqOut gives you comprehensive control over the character and shape of feedback so you can use it to your advantage. It works great at low volume levels if you want to take it into the studio, and you can use it with or without distortion.

Controlling the FreqOut

The FreqOut offers an intuitive layout that puts you in control of various parameters so you can find the perfect style of feedback. Set the distortion level using the upper part of the Gain knob. The lower portion of the Gain knob allows you to set the Onset of the Feedback. Basically, the Onset is the amount of delay between the time you activate the Feedback and the time you hear it. Set it to towards the right to get a heavier industrial rock tone or dial it back to get a slow yet silky harmonic melody. The Type knob offers seven different harmonic settings (Sub,1st,2nd,3rd, Nat Low, and Nat Hi)so you can set the pitch of the feedback. The FreqOut also offers two dual position selector switches. The Dry selector switch allows you to completely eliminate the entire dry signal to isolate the feedback or keep the tone blended between wet and dry. The second selector switch allows you to adjust the function of the Feedback activation footswitch.  Use the momentary on setting so you can turn the feedback on/off using the footswitch or set momentary to off if you want constant feedback.

Need to Know Features

Get great natural feedback at any volume level

Gain knob lets you control amount of distortion

Onset knob lets you set the timing of feedback

Choose from seven different harmonic feedback types

Blend control lets you choose eliminate dry signal completely

Choose Momentary (controlled) or Latching mode for feedback activation footswitch

LED indicators for real-time monitoring of feedback level

True Bypass design


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Ira Hoch
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