In the simplest sense, a digital audio workstation is a recording platform that uses computing power to take the place of traditional hardware equipment. The recording software then is what controls the computing power; allowing the guts of your home studio to exist in a virtual environment. So, for example, with digital audio workstation software you may opt to use a virtual mixing board that is graphically represented on a computer monitor, expanding your range of possibilities while saving you tons of space.

The primary benefit of using a digital audio workstation for your home recording studio is that today’s recording software is so immensely powerful that the options and controls are nearly limitless. Since many home recording studios don’t have the space or the budget to have thousands of different instruments lying around, the virtual instruments available in recording software make a great alternative. Plus, recording software also gives users more control over their sound through an ever increasing database of plug ins and recording software expansion packs and upgrades.

Choosing your Digital Recording Software

There are so many different brands of recording software on the market today that it can be frustrating to try and figure out not only which one is best, but which one will work best for you. Depending upon what kind of home recording you’re looking to make, as well as what kind of computer you plan on using, your choice in recording software may be different. With that being said, some of the most common recording software used today in both professional and home recording studio’s are:

Pro Tools

As far as recording software goes, Avid’s Pro Tools is probably the biggest name in the business. With different packages designed to meet the needs of everyone from aspiring home recording artists to professional sound engineers, Pro Tools recording software mixes a powerful program with a user friendly interface. Plus, Pro Tools recording software is compatible with both Mac and PC computers!

For beginners looking for a great way to get their home recording studio off the ground, bundled packages like the Avid Mbox with Pro Tools Express that give you the recording software as well as an audio interface to boost, you’ll be ready to go practically out of the box.


As one of the leading brands in recording software, Cakewalk continues to surpass expectations with their powerful and robust software designed exclusively for PC computers. With a line of recording software designed for home recording studios, that have what you need for your home recording projects, you’ll be able to work from start to finish without leaving the program.

Remember, when first working with any recording software, the learning process can be challenging. However, the reward of successfully mastering use of your recording software program means you’ll be able to quickly and easily unlock the seemingly limitless power of your digital audio workstation. Additionally, with all the different ways to expand your digital audio workstation you’ll be able to build a home recording studio perfectly designed to meet your needs.