What artist/inspired you to pursue music?

The first time I heard ‘Reinvinting Your Exit’ by Underoath I thought, “I can play that!” I just started learning drums and dedicated most of my time for a couple months to learning how to play that song on drums. Although my style has changed quite a bit, I’ll always remember that song for peaking my musical interest.

What’s your musical background?

As a teen I lived in East Texas. I always call it the “Belt-Buckle of the Bible Belt”. That being said, I grew up playing drums in my youth band. I eventually started learning guitar while spending a summer in Mexico. When I came back to the States, I planned on selling all of my video games in order to buy an acoustic guitar but, a good friend of the family heard about that and decided to give me his guitar. It really snowballed from there and I found that any instrument I put my hands on, I loved to play and was pretty quick at learning. I found myself extremely interested in live sound and learned how to do FOH mixing at age 14 and 15 and eventually wanted to record some of the songwriting ideas that I had. I had an old iBook with Garageband that I used for a while before I moved to Dallas for a year and my parents bought me a recording system with a microphone, interface and monitors. Years later, I found myself learning how to use Ableton Live for live performances and eventually for production. I have also worked music retail for a couple years and love vintage synths and the music production process in general.

What would you say is unique about you musically?

I probably spend too much time learning all the intricate details about any piece of gear I can get my hands on. I’ve spent countless hours watching tutorials for gear that I’ve seen or own, just trying to become fluent with it. I’ve found that really understanding a piece of gear makes it worth more than the price tag on it. I also try and create stuff that I want to listen to. I make it a point to listen to as much music as I possibly can. And not just hear it, but really listen. Sometimes I’ll go online and try to find what equipment was used or what  steps were taken to create a specific sound or song. I find that having as many influences as I can gives me a really diverse pallet of sounds to choose from. Putting grunge bass lines in a synth pop track, or glitchy synths in a ballad , or whatever the idea may be, keeps me on my creative toes and gives me unlimited possibilities.

How are you involved in your local music scene?

I play in a couple bands locally. I also still play drums at church every Sunday. As well as keeping a community of Technology Saturday students here at Sam Ash. I’ve been working with a local non-profit podcast called The Help Show as the Content Manager for a couple years as well.

What are your personal goals as a musician?

It’s kind of a two part goal. One is to be able to work full-time as a producer. I love helping other people find their sound. And I love creating music. Second, is to provide education. I’ve been working on getting my Ableton Live Certification, and teaching here at the store. There are a ton of great resources online, but many times it’s hard to find someone who can cater to a person’s specific workflow.

Tell us about some of your latest projects.

Well, my wife and I are expecting a baby girl at the end of October, so my projects have been a bit slower now. Every month The Help Show posts a new episode, so you could always check that out. I am working on some new stuff personally but I don’t really have a good time table for that.


You can check out Davion’s music on Soundcloud!