As we arrived on D’Addario’s campus there was a buzz in the air. People knew we were coming to film and there was an exciting energy amongst everyone in the office. After we checked in, we met up with Jim D’Addario who gave us safety goggles and instructions as we entered the string factory. I was instantly amazed by the vast wilderness of machinery and factory workers engaged in producing the accessories that I’ve used my entire life. Wheels and cogs were spinning; wire was being pulled from spools. See all that and more in the factory tour video below!

D’Addario | String Factory Tour

Interview with Jim D’Addario

After our string tour, we stopped off into a room with D’Addario accessories adorning every inch of the walls. Jim sat down to tell us a bit about the business and his family’s rich history. It’s interesting to see how closely the success of D’Addario parallels that of Sam Ash’s. Learn all this and more in the interview below!

Evans Drums | Factory Tour

Our day ended much like it began by crossing the street and entering one of many buildings out of which D’Addario produces their many products. This time, we were headed to Evans to see how their drum heads are manufactured. This time, with child like amusement, I watched as the hoops were torched, and heads where spun and sprayed. See all that and more in the Evans Drums factory tour below!

D’Addario Accessories

D’Addario is without a doubt the most prolific manufacturer of musical instrument accessories on the planet. We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with their amazing family. To check out all of their accessories, see the link below.

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