Welcome to The Club:

After weeks of consideration about what instrument you should choose for your first year in the school band, you have finally decided that the Flute is right for you. But what’s next, a quick search online reveals Flutes costing anywhere from $50 to $5,000. They all look similar; the less expensive option may come with a case while the premium listings don’t even include a bag.  Well don’t panic, our Sam Ash experts have been where you are. We know what you need to succeed and are committed to making sure you find the right Flute for your needs. You may not consider yourself a “flutist “yet, but just by showing interest in learning, you will be welcomed to Sam Ash with open arms. And here at Sam Ash musicians look out for each other, so welcome to the club.  One of our most knowledgeable experts and an absolutely incredible Flute player Landa Medici has all the information you need to find the right flute. Check out her video below for everything you need to know about buying your first flute.

Things to Consider

Some things to consider when choosing your Flute are the materials used, the country where it’s made, and the resale value of the instrument should you need to upgrade. The most budget friendly option we offer is the Benjamin Adams FL100 Student Flute Outfit. The FL100 is a wise choice if you are just trying to see what the Flute is all about. If you think you might switch to a different instrument down the line, the FL100 won’t break the bank. Don’t forget that many skills you learn on other woodwinds instruments will transfer to the Flute so having this model in your collection will be a nice problem to have. If you feel a bit more committed to learning the Flute, another nice option for beginners is the Jean Baptiste FL290 Student flute. It features silver plating and closed hole plateau style keys for a comfortable feel. Its sound will be fuller than the Benjamin Adams model, giving you slightly more projection. Both of the models are considered Student Flute Outfits. What that means is that in addition to the Flute, they also include a Flute case and cleaning rod for basic upkeep of your instrument.

Benjamin Adams FL100 Student Flute Outfit


Moving on to more advanced Student Flutes, we have brand names like Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, and Pearl. Yamaha is a legendary musical instrument company whose products can be seen on the most iconic stages and heard in prestigious recordings. The Yamaha YFL-222 Student Flute Outfit is designed with similar features to those found on their professional models. For example, the YFL-222 features adjustment keys and pivot arms. This helps keep the instrument in solid playing condition and makes repairs much easier for teachers and technicians. Other great options include the Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute, and the Pearl 505E Quantz Closed Hole Silver Plated Flute.

Yamaha YFL22 Student Flute

Regardless of what Flute you decide to start with, some features are essential. As a beginner you will want to make sure you get a Closed Hole Flute. You can tell if a Flute is closed holed because the keys will be completely flat like a table top. Starting out with a closed hole flute lets you focus on tone and technique rather that exact finger placement and pressure.


The Sam Ash Difference:

When you buy your flute at Sam Ash Music, you have the option of adding on a very cost effective Sam Ash Extended Service Plan. This allows you to bring your instrument in for free repairs for the duration of the plan. Buying the extended service plan during your purchase saves you money and will let you take care of your instrument without having to worry about constant extra charges. We also offer rentals of most student instruments if you’re hesitant about investing in a brand new instrument up front. At Sam Ash we are a family of musicians. Everybody started out as a beginner and we have an active interest in giving you all the confidence you need to succeed. Even more important, have fun. Come into the store and try a guitar, drum set, or keyboard. Step up to a microphone and see how you sound. A musical journey doesn’t need a destination, but along the way, for support and encouragement there’s Sam Ash.