Chedeville RC Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces: Everything You Need to Know

Mouthpieces may be small, but they can have a massive impact on your music. The Chedeville RC Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is specially made to shape the tone and deliver superb playability in any music genre. And, no matter which mouthpiece you choose, the pristine consistency you’ll find will surely surprise you.

Combination of Great Tonal Qualities

So many great tonal qualities are not often found in a single mouthpiece. Yet, the Chedeville RC produces a dark, robust tone, gives you control and ease of movement up and down the scale, and easily provides articulation and projection all in one. You can even play altissimo with clarity. Spend more time focusing on playing and less time on whether or not you need a new mouthpiece.

Proprietary Chedeville Rubber

Chedeville has been making Chedeville Rubber since before World War II. Softer than other rubbers, this material gives off a much warmer tone. Using special tools, Chedeville’s staff carefully gives each mouthpiece a round chamber (hence the name RC) which shapes the sound to perfection. Each mouthpiece comes with a bamboo canister and mouthpiece pouch so you can enjoy its high quality for years to come.

Made with Consistency

Every mouthpiece is created in the Chedeville factory. Cut by a CNC machine from a bar stick, each mouthpiece comes out 85% completed before it’s touched up by hand to eliminate much of the inconsistency found in other mouthpieces. This process still retains that personal hand touch in its finishing stages including the baffle, tip rail, and table.


  • Dark, warm, robust tone
  • Control and ease of movement through all registers including altissimo
  • Pronounced articulation and projection
  • Made from proprietary, genuine Chedeville rubber
  • Round chamber for better sound shaping
  • Excellent consistency among mouthpieces
  • Hand finished baffle, tip rail, and table

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Tiffany Williams started her musical journey at the age of 7 when she learned to play the keyboard. By the 6th grade the viola became her passion, and she played in her middle and high school string and symphonic orchestras, pit orchestra, and Chamber Ensemble. She has participated in multiple music events and festivals including Music in the Parks and NYSSMA (levels 5/6), and was inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In college she played in the string orchestra and was selected to play in the Binghamton Symphonic Orchestra. As a member of the Binghamton Explorchestra she played, conducted, and had the opportunity to showcase two of her own compositions. Pursuing her musical endeavors, she challenges herself to learning other instruments, and has composed 14 songs which are now copyrighted in the U.S. Library of Congress. She continues to play and compose and is delighted to be a part of the Sam Ash team.