Chedeville Elite Clarinet Mouthpieces: Everything You Need to Know

Mouthpieces can vary in uniformity and don’t always work with you to complement your technique, but Chedeville has created the Elite Clarinet Mouthpiece to solve both of those problems. Using topnotch materials and just the right combination of machine work and personal handwork, Chedeville gives you clear consistency and range in a small, yet incredibly valuable item.

Combination of Great Tonal Qualities

The warm sound of the Chedeville Elite Clarinet Mouthpiece maintains its integrity in a close setting, and also from afar. This characteristic is great for intimate practice settings as well as large performance spaces. Its spot-on intonation provides perfect sound even in delicate phrases. Articulation is immediate and easily controlled.

Proprietary Chedeville Rubber

Chedeville has been making Chedeville rubber since before World War II. Softer than other rubbers, this material gives off a much warmer tone. Using special tools, Chedeville’s staff carefully shapes the mouthpiece, and in turn the sound, to perfection. Each mouthpiece comes with a bamboo canister and mouthpiece pouch so you can enjoy its high quality for years to come.

Made with Consistency

Every mouthpiece is created in the Chedeville factory in Savannah, Georgia. The Chedeville team works hard to shape the facing curve just right, ensuring the playability, sound, and movement through all registers is up to par with the elite quality the mouthpiece’s name implies. Programmed in a 3-D drawing, the facing curve is cut by a CNC machine before handwork is applied to finish off the final details. Each mouthpiece is play-tested before it’s released to the public. The entire process retains consistency even between different tip openings.


  • Warm tone with on-spot intonation
  • Immediate and controlled articulation
  • Projection great for practice and performance spaces of any size
  • Made from proprietary, genuine Chedeville rubber
  • Focused facing curve for elite quality playability, sound, and movement through all registers
  • Excellent consistency among mouthpieces
  • Hand finished details
  • Made in Savannah, Georgia

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Tiffany Williams started her musical journey at the age of 7 when she learned to play the keyboard. By the 6th grade the viola became her passion, and she played in her middle and high school string and symphonic orchestras, pit orchestra, and Chamber Ensemble. She has participated in multiple music events and festivals including Music in the Parks and NYSSMA (levels 5/6), and was inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In college she played in the string orchestra and was selected to play in the Binghamton Symphonic Orchestra. As a member of the Binghamton Explorchestra she played, conducted, and had the opportunity to showcase two of her own compositions. Pursuing her musical endeavors, she challenges herself to learning other instruments, and has composed 14 songs which are now copyrighted in the U.S. Library of Congress. She continues to play and compose and is delighted to be a part of the Sam Ash team.