Casio’s line of Privia keyboards are considered to be some of the finest in the industry and the PX-870 is no exception. As the top of their Privia line, this keyboard is built for all types of players, regardless of skill level or playing style. All the technology that Casio has put into it makes it feel, perform and sound nearly identical to that of a concert piano.

Beautiful Design And Sound

As much as Casio prides themselves in sound and playability, they just as much care into the aesthetics of all of their products and the Privia PX-870 is no exception. First and foremost, the keyboard is contained in a beautiful wood cabinet that’s available in black, white, and walnut finishes so you can accessories your piano with whatever room it’s featured in. Included in it’s fine construction is a 40-watt 4-way speaker system with two speakers on top and two speakers below to get a wonderfully robust and evenly projected performance with whatever you decided to play.

Tri-Sensor 2 Scaled Hammer Action Keys

While electric keyboards are great to play, many don’t have the authentic feel that you would normally get from a grand piano. With Casio’s new Tri-Sensor 2 Scaled Hammer Action Keys, the weight of the keys simulates the hammer action of an acoustic piano by having heavier keys for the lower notes and lighter keys where the higher notes. On top of that, the keys are covered in simulated ebony and ivory textures that give you a great grip in nearly any climate. Not only will you be able to sound like an acoustic piano but feel like you’re playing one too!

Split and Layer Your Sounds

While playing on sound at a time is nice, one can be inspired by implementing different sounds simultaneous to come up with new ideas. Casio allows you to split or layer your sounds so you can do just that! With the Split function, you can have one sound on the left side of the keyboard and a different sound on the right. For example, you can have an upright bass tone on the left to do walking bass and piano on the right so you can do chords and/or melody. This is just one example of the many combinations you can do with the library of tones built into the keyboard. Layering is a slightly different method of blending tones; rather that separating them to different parts of the keyboard, you can play two tones at once to have a new landscape of tone such as playing piano and strings at the same time to create and beautiful orchestra of sound. Regardless of what you play, you’ll never have to worry about dropped notes with 250 notes of polyphony so feel free to play and sustain tons of complicated chords!

Chordana App

In conjunction with the Casio Privia PX870, you can use the free Chordana app to unlock tons of amazing features using any smart device. Between the 19 different tones to select from and the dozens of customization possibilities, piano sounds and styles are nearly limitless! Below are some of the incredible features and the variety of options.

Hammer Response to choose a slight delay from when you press key to when you hear a note.

  • Default
  • Quick
  • Grand Piano Style
  • Slightly Slow
  • Slow

String Resonance to simulate sympathetic vibrations of undampened strings.

  • Default
  • Subdued
  • Slightly Subdued
  • Resonant
  • Very Resonant

Lid Simulator to simulate different lid positions.

  • Default
  • Lid closed
  • Lid Partially open
  • Lid fully open
  • Lid removed

Damper Noise to change sound of the felts lifting off the keys as you press the damper pedal

Key-On and Key-Off Action Noise to simulate mechanical movements of keys on piano

Metronome that allows you to change tempo, beat and volume of the metronome to play along with to your liking

Duet Mode to split keyboard into two equal pitch ranges perfect for a teach and student of two students for lesson situations and music labs

Concert Play that includes symphonic recordings of orchestral pieces that include pianos and practice along with the piano parts removed.

Hall Simulator to place your piano in your dream venue with the option to choose from as well as adding three different types of choruses or a flange

  • Dutch Church
  • Standard Hall
  • Berlin Hall
  • French Cathedral

If that isn’t enough, you can record midi to either play back as well as export or connect a USB to the piano to record an audio recording to upload to wherever you’d like! The app even has the ability to view PDF scores included or download and import sheet music!

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