I was pleased to have our good friend and Casio front man Rich Formidoni back in the Sam Ash studio. He was here to give us another product rundown. This time, on the Casio CTK line of keyboards. He starting things off by showing us the CTK-4400. Have a look below!

CTK-4400: The Overview

This is a great instrument for anyone just starting out with keyboards, or maybe for a more seasoned player who just wants something portable and affordable. There are 600 different tones and 180 rhythms to choose from. In true Casio form, the acoustic pianos are as excellent as ever, and with the virtual hall feature, you can bring your piano sounds to life by simulating a beautiful hall reverb.



The rhythms are well made and various to inspire your creativity and playing. You can also edit your rhythms. If you like the bass line in one, you can put it in another. On top of that, the registration buttons let you save your favorite combination of rhythms, sounds, and effects.




There’s a nice bright blue display to make things easy to see as well as the step-up lesson system. This gives you step by step instruction on how to play the piano right from your keyboard. If all that wasn’t enough, one of the coolest features is the sampler. Connect a mic to sample your voice, or run a line in from another device, and now you have 61 keys to trigger that sample with. That’s awesome! Speaking of those 61 keys, they are velocity sensitive. This will give you all the nuance you crave when playing the keyboard, and it will all sound great through the built in speakers.

To round out this keyboard, there’s a convenient headphone jack for silent practice, as well as battery power for ultimate portability. And to top it all off, there is an included power supply. This is huge. One of the staples of buying a keyboard is that the power supply is never included. But this time, Casio has you covered.

Rich went on to show us the CTK-2550. This has to be the ultimate bang for your buck. He’ll take you through the features and give you some great playing examples. Check it out!

CTK-2550: The Overview

The CTk-2550 is a great instrument for anyone taking their first steps into piano. Or as we learned with the 4400, it could also be great for anyone wanting a small, lightweight keyboard to travel with. It has 400 different tones to choose from. You could spend weeks getting to know each one! These range from an acoustic piano, electric grand, harpsichord, strings, drums, bass, and more. And these are all playable on 61 full size keys.

You’ll never be bored with this keyboard as there are plenty of built in rhythms and songs to explore. If you are new to piano, the lesson light system will show you step by step, note for note, finger to finger, how to play each song. This is a fantastic tool that you don’t need any additional software or gear to operate. You can learn to play right from the comforts of home, in your own time, and right on your Casio! This keyboard also has a special connection to the Chordana Play app. You hook it up through the audio in port. Start a song on the app and see the notes displayed on the screen. You can also download a midi file into the app, transmit it to the keyboard, and the keyboard will teach you how to play that song. There are so many great ways to learn how to play on this keyboard. It’s a fantastic educational tool.

It seems that some Casio keyboards have a feature that is unique only to that model. In this case, it’s definitely dance music mode. This is sure to entertain you to no end. With this mode, you can trigger different elements of a beat on and off with the keys. Start a beat, drop in a bass line, add some synth, then finish it off by throwing in a melody and effects. Change the beat on the fly. Try a different bass line. There are so many different styles to explore, and you will have a blast doing it. Just like the keyboard before, this one also comes with a power supply right in the box. No extra cost to get this keyboard up and running.


Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned player, Casio makes an instrument that’s fun and inviting to everyone. Even a skilled professional would have fun with the sampler on the 4400, or dance music mode on the 2550. And best of all, these keyboards are available at fantastic prices. Maybe you want to learn how to play piano. Maybe you want something fun and portable to travel with. No matter your reasons, these keyboards would be a great addition to anyone’s instrument library, and Casio always has you covered.

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