Brand Guidelines

Sam Ash Music has been rockin’ the free world for over 90 years. The original Sam Ash signature mark dates back as early as 1924. Over the years, the brush script logo has become a key element to our brand’s history and identity. Please follow these simple guidelines (included in our brand asset download) when using the Sam Ash Music Stores logo. Below are the official Sam Ash Music logos for download (Windows/Macintosh). Please make sure to obtain permission from the appropriate Sam Ash Music representative before using these files.

Brand asset download includes:

  • samash-brand-guidelines (PDF) – read this first
  • samashmusicstores-logo (EPS) – for professional PRINT projects
  • samashmusicstores-logo (JPEG) – for internal/ small audience PRINT or WEB projects
  • samashmusicstores-logo-small (JPEG) – for use with WORD® or WEB projects
  • samashmusicstores-logo-ALT (EPS) – only use when horizontal space is limited

Download Sam Ash Brand Asset Files

Note: Using low-resolution JPEGs in your print publication will likely yield a low-quality reproduction of the image. These formats are intended for on-screen viewing only.

If you have any questions about logo usage, please contact our Marketing Department [email protected]