Bose S1 Pro | Everything You Need to Know

The Bose S1 Pro is perfect for any singer/songwriter or acoustic duo. This unit features a six-inch subwoofer and three drivers, giving you powerful and well-rounded tone in a tight package. It can run on a lithium battery, which quick-charges in 2.5 hours, making it even easier to take around with you.

This Bose model features three channels, which operate simultaneously. The first two channels have ¼ instrument/XLR inputs and a 2-band EQ, plus reverb. They also feature Tone Match technology to make your playing sound even better. Channel 3 is made specifically for Bluetooth and Aux-In, so you can run backing tracks with your set or let the music continue when you’re on a break.

This compact unit functions in four different positions, including tilt-back and upright on a pole mount. The pole-mount position actually triggers a sensor which redistributes the EQ profile. You can even swivel the Bose logo on the front, so it’s readable no matter which way you turn it.

With the Bose name, you know you’re getting top audio quality and long-lasting durability. So however you decide to use the excellent features on the Bose S1 Pro, you won’t be disappointed. Whether gigging solo, as a duo, or using this beautiful technology as a monitor for your band, the Bose S1 Pro rises to the occasion.

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