Samson C01U Pro Podcast Package

Think you have what it takes to produce a podcast? Believe it or not, the process isn’t as daunting as it may seem. As long as you have quality gear to get the ball rolling, you’ll be in excellent shape. This package prides itself on efficiency and a user-friendly setup to seamlessly smoothen that learning curve. Right out of the box, you’ll receive a USB Studio Condenser Microphone, MD2 Desktop Stand, SR850 Open-Back Studio Headphones, USB cable and carrying case. This minimal setup will yield massive results in your sound quality, work flow and audio production knowledge. Plug-and-play technology from the C01U grants you the ability to easily work on the go, whether it’s a Mac or PC. If you’re addicted to your iPhone like the rest of us, you can work on there as well, courtesy of Apple’s Lightning USB Camera Adapter. Starting a podcast has never been so simple.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Package

If you aren’t familiar with Focusrite products, now’s the time to get acquainted. This brand has become an absolute favorite amongst the singer-songwriter and work-from-home engineer communities. Its pristine audio playback, user-friendly design and unbeatable prices make Focusrite gear a must-have in any recording setting. This particular audio interface package is perfect for what you’re setting to accomplish as a podcaster. You’ll receive the Scarlett Solo Studio interface, condenser microphone, 3-metre XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones and free software to record in. Notice the word “solo” in the title; this is no accident. While you’re going to be guaranteed high-quality audio at your workstation, this particular unit won’t be able to record multiple people arguing about sports/politics/pineapples belonging on pizza or not (Spoiler: they do not belong on pizza). This package is meant to capture a solo voice during your recording session. Great gift idea for those who enjoy producing audio at their own pace.

Samson G Track Pro With Pop Filter and Professional Headphones

Enjoy the same comfort and efficiency demonstrated by the previous two products, but with some added features to elevate your production process a few steps higher. One of note would be the addition of a Samson PS04 Pop Filter. As any vocalist recording a radio hit would tell you, pop filters are an absolute must. Slip it into place, adjust the screen-door-style mesh circle right in between your mouth and microphone, and voila. Using this for your podcast recording sessions offers a platinum-pristine audio track free of harsh consonants, popping “P’s” and ear-shattering “S’s”. With Z55 Professional Reference Headphones and multiple pickup patterns for a slew of vocal tracking contexts (interviews, panel discussions, field recording), this is your option if you’re looking to take your podcast to the next level, or if you know your buddy is passionate about elevating their original podcast.

Rode Rodecaster Podcaster Package with Microphones and Accessories

Prepare to have your pineapple pizza debates delivered from the most robust and state-of-the-art package on this list. In addition to the production station and 2 Blue Blackout Spark condenser microphones, you’ll receive two pop filters, two pairs of SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones and 2 On-Stage MBS5000 Broadcast/Webcast Boom Arms. The production station itself comes with some nifty features, as well; MicroSD Card Slot, 8 Programmable Sound FX Pads and APHEX Big Bottom Audio Processors to name a few. With two microphones fresh out of the box, you’ll have 4 actual mic channels to use and record with. Multi-track recording has never been easier for all of your podcasting needs. Now, you’ll be able to have multiple voices in your session, offering more personalities and flavors between hosts and guests. The only thing left to do? Get started on your topics of discussion… perhaps a podcast about podcasting?

It’s time to hop aboard the podcast bandwagon this holiday. Let us at offer you excellent gift ideas for the aspiring podcaster.