If you have a drummer in your life, you know there are a lot of challenges in finding them a good gift. Either it’s something too bulky, too technical, or too expensive. But fear not. We’ve compiled this list to help your holiday shopping go a little easier.

Meinl Percussion Cafe Cajon with Free Carrying Bag

Even if you’re not a drummer, you can just tell—the cajon is a fun instrument. It’s more than “just a box,” it’s a percussive powerhouse. Sporting bass and snare drum sounds, the smooth MDF body with thick rubber feet has excellent tonal qualities which broaden your bass notes and focus your rolls and corner hits, to take your beats to the next level. For added versatility, if you want to alter the amount of “slap” sound from corner hits, the screws located closest to the top corners may be loosened or tightened, varying the amount of gap between the playing surface and cajon body.



Meinl Cymbals HCS Series Three for Free Cymbal Pack with Free Splash

The Meinl Three for Free Cymbal Pack provides beginning players a well-balanced array of cymbals which allow them to expand their musicianship, while also developing their skills. Meinl HCS Series cymbals are made from an MS63 alloy for a warm, musical sound that is extremely affordable. They create beautiful and powerful sustain. The pack includes a 14″ hi-hat, a 14″ crash, and a 10″ splash, plus a free pair of Pro-Mark 5A sticks, and a coupon code for three free lessons with Mike Johnston at mikeslessons.com. That’s a lot in one awesome package.



Vic Firth VicPack Drummers Backpack

The Vic Firth Drummers Backpack is the perfect gift for any drummer on the go. One of the toughest things about being a drummer is transporting your gear. And while nowadays you might be able to get away with not bringing your main pieces, no drummer can play without their sticks. This Vic Firth package allows drummers to fit all of their sticks, and more, in one easy to carry place. It features two full-zip padded compartments, one with a removable laptop insert. The stick bag, which fits inside the backpack, holds 12 pairs of sticks. And on top of all that, it looks pretty cool.



DrumDial Digital Drum Dial

Drum tuning is a pain. But DrumDial gives you great accuracy in a compact, easy-to-use package. Unlike other drum tuning devices, the Digital Drum Dial measures actual head tension, instead of rod tightness. Tapping each tension rod with a drumstick is annoying. Now you can fine-tune the pitch in its entirety by measuring the head tension wholly. For even more convenience, the easy-to-read LCD display works great in any environment.





Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones

These well-made headphones were created to protect hard hitting drummers’ ears. The SIH2 features a large driver to produce powerful low -end, cleaner mids, and clear highs, for a great sound. They reduce outside volume levels by up to 25 decibels. These headphones are enclosed in a durable hard plastic and fit most head sizes. Hear your drums underneath a click track or backing music, and rock harder than ever before.



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