Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

Remember that intern you hired to work around the studio this holiday season? One of the odd jobs you won’t have to worry about assigning him is human-laptop-stand while you grind away on a project. Perfect for studio settings or even as part of your live setup, this stand is lightweight and steel-constructed for a portable and sturdy solution. A silicon surface atop the stand guarantees a firm fit for your laptop, and tilt control features offer you some flexibility with positioning. Adjustable up to 4.5’, the LTS50 Laptop Stand is an ideal fixture for producers and engineers who prefer working on their feet, as well as DJs looking to keep their laptop upright during shows. With a pin lock, locking latches and formidable tripod base, you don’t have to worry about that intern knocking your most important piece of gear over. He did get your coffee order wrong, though…



Pioneer XDJ-5 Headphones

It’s not often that a product is able to seamlessly blend elements of quality and comfort, especially at a manageable price. With that in mind, allow us to get you warmed up to the Pioneer XDJ-5 Headphones this chilly holiday season. Stressing the importance of high-quality monitoring in any audio capacity, these headphones come with a 40-mm driver to deliver clear, consistent sound. Courtesy of fine noise suppression and elaborate tuning, you’ll be in the zone working with distortion-free sound and superior left/right channel separation. You’ll find the XDJ-5 headphones are a very comfortable and easy fit, with reduced pressure on your head and a flexible swivel to optimize how you wear them. A durable headband and grip-enhancing outside texture seal the deal, as far as comfort goes. And for what it’s worth, these bad boys cleared the US Military Standard Shock Test – heavy use and severe conditions are a non-issue for the XDJ-5 headphones.



Samson Stage v266 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

As a vocalist, it’s your job to not only nail those lyrics and melodies, but to get the crowd going as well. Unless you’re Freddie Mercury, it may be difficult to have that immaculate stage presence while dealing with a wired microphone and accompanying stand. Let’s ditch the cables, rock star. Take the stage with confidence and swagger courtesy of the Samson Stage v266 Wireless System. Designed for duos, this is a perfect solution for karaoke, gigs, DJs or any other live music-based event. State-of-the-art receivers and transmitters guarantee that your vocals are clear, articulate and dynamic. Each operating for 10 hours on a single 9-volt battery, you won’t have to worry about losing power right before you belt that high note in a-Ha’s “Take on Me”. The value in this system stems from its duality; take the stage with two singers, two MCs or two guest speakers running on both channels simultaneously. Word on the street is you’re going to be hosting your company’s ugly sweater party this season. This wireless system is exactly what you need for announcing Deborah’s victory for the sixth Christmas in a row.



Ultimate Support JS-LPT4200 DJ Stand

If having better organizational habits is part of your New Year’s resolution, let us at Sam Ash give you a head start. The JS-LPT4200 is a jack-of-all-trades solution for DJs, engineers and anyone looking to keep track of their equipment. The top level is a perfect fit for devices including but not limited to laptops, small mixers, lighting controllers and miscellaneous DJ gear. Just below is a second deck which could be useful for storing USB hubs, audio interfaces, hard drives and more. Don’t stress about your gear overheating; the JS-LPT400 is vented to prevent that. It’s also height adjustable, and can hold up to 20 lbs. You’ll be able to bring this stand on the go, for gigs or recording sessions out of your own space. With a lightweight aluminum construction and easy fold-down process, the value here is absolutely terrific.



American DJ CSL-100 Light Up Speaker Stand

‘Tis the season for bright-light displays, and we’re not just referring to pretty Christmas lights. The American DJ CSL-100 Accu-Stand Color Stand with LED lighting will turn your performances into full-fledged audio visual spectacles. Highlighted by robust opaque polycarbonate legs and a series of multi-color LEDs, this stand brings aesthetically-pleasing color palettes and professional-grade strength to the stage. Its shape and adjustable height should be familiar to customers, letting you go anywhere between 3.6 and 6.14 ft., while supporting any speaker up to a weight of 60 pounds. An IR remote will you choose between 20 static colors, but the fun doesn’t stop there; manipulate speed and brightness with 22 dynamic modes to really animate those colors for your adoring crowd.



For gifts that keep on giving and products to quench your audio thirst, look no further than this holiday season.