What is An Electronic Drum Set?

Electronic drum sets are configurations of digital sound. Each “drum” in the set consists of a thin electric pad connected to a trigger (sensor) that picks up the sound you create. Each trigger reads the pressure produced by each hit, converts it to voltage, and sends its readings to a drum module (the brain to the set). While some modules are more complex than others, they all output the sounds sent to them which are played via headphones or an external amplifier. Some modules contain other features including sound modification, uploading your own tracks, saving options, and many more to maximize your sound and playing ability.

The Advantages of Starting on An Electronic Drum Set

Many players prefer electronic drum sets because they are much more compact and portable than acoustic kits, which makes transportation to and from practices and gigs, as well as storage, simpler to manage. Due to the quiet nature of an electronic drum set, their convenient headphones output, and ability to change the output volume, you can play to your heart’s content as loud as you want, and do so without having to wake up the whole household, or the entire neighborhood. Since all pads are electronically set to the right pitch, there’s no need to tune any of the drums which can be difficult for beginners. For beginner drummers who have practiced solely on acoustic drums, you can still use a regular pair of drumsticks and get a realistic feel out of the pads and pedals.

Generally, acoustic drums have one standard tone but with any electric drum kit, you have the opportunity to experiment with a wider variety of sounds and often have the option to play along with tracks on your phone. Many of these sets also include built-in metronomes and helpful learning features like coaching modes and recording options, so you can build your skills and work on your technique. We have a huge variety of sets for you to pick from and play:

1. Carlsbro CSD120 Electronic Drum Set

The simplistic layout of the CSD120 makes playing fun and easy. Complete with 250 build-in sounds and onboard reverb effects, you’ll have plenty of sounds to choose from to fit your style. The Commander 120 drum module has 20 preset drum kits, 20 built-in songs, and an Aux input so you can rock along to your favorite song on another music player device while listening to your drumming in real time or via playback though the 1/8″ headphone output. Personalize up to 10 drum kits and use the MIDI and USB ports to expand your creations even further. You won’t be able to tell the difference between your drumming and that on an acoustic set thanks to the realistic sound production of the silica/rubber pads and triggers working in perfect unison. The snare drum is dual zone for open and closed rim shots. Even the cymbal triggers and dual chokeable cymbals are set up to a T, allowing you to mimic hi-hat openings and closings. The CSD120 is also a very convenient portable kit, so when you need to move, it folds up to a very compact size. Included in the set are drumsticks, a drum key, hardware, a cable harness, cable management straps, and the power supply, so you’re all set and ready to go right out of the box!


  • 20 preset drum kits
  • 20 built-in songs
  • Auxiliary input for external devices
  • MIDI for connection with MIDI-capable devices
  • USB port to connect to a computer to compose/record drums to your DAW



2. Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit 

Just like nitroglycerin, the Nitro Mesh is extremely reactive, giving you an explosive array of creative capabilities. Carefully made with Alesis mesh head technology, all pads have a natural feel and quiet response, including the dual zone snare pad which has a realistic response and better pick up on rim shots, and the genuine kick drum pedal with pad. These mesh pads have an excellent feel, natural rebound, and are quieter than rubber pads. The Nitro drum module includes 40 classic and modern kits, 385 drum and cymbal sounds, and 60 built-in play-along tracks giving you a wide pallet of colorful sounds. The module also has a backlit LCD screen for easy navigation and allows you to tweak any kit to your liking, or create an entirely new one from scratch. Jam along to your favorite songs on other devices including smartphones via the auxiliary input. Like something you recorded? Save your songs using the built-in recorder! You can also record onto a computer with the built-in USB port. There are also MIDI ports to connect to virtual instruments and other recording software, or connect to stand-alone MIDI gear. Connection cables, drumsticks, a drum key, power supply, aluminum rack, and cable wrap strips are included to get you set up immediately.


  • Mesh drum heads
  • 40 drum kits including 385 different drum and cymbal sounds
  • 60 built-in songs to play along with
  • Auxiliary input for external devices
  • USB/MIDI to connect to external gear


3. Yamaha DTK402 Electronic Drum Set

For beginner drummers looking to build their skills, the DTK402 makes learning fun and interactive. 10 built-in training functions navigate any player through lessons in a hands-on technique using top quality drum sounds. Functions include Pad Gate, Rhythm Gate, Fast Blast, and Recording for practice and easy skill assessment. Learning beginner techniques can get quite noisy, especially with needed repetitions in practice. To cut out the noise, this set has a silent KU100 kick unit that senses your dynamics and a silent hi-hat controller so you can practice until all hours of the night without disturbing anyone. Connect your computer through the USB port to create audio data from anything produced on the set, and link it to a DAW for further editing and music production. The free DTX402 Touch app gives you the capability to create your own kits, make further use of the training functions, and develop your drumming in many music genres. The app includes 10 practice songs, digital lessons, and instructional videos made by industry professionals. When used with the Rec’n’Share app, you can record sound from your kit simultaneously with the video on a smart device and share your music with others through social media. With a durable, yet lightweight, rack made of steel, it’s the perfect portable kit for simple setup, moving, and storage.


  • 10 drum kits
  • 10 built-in training programs
  • USB port to connect to computer for recording
  • Headphone out to listen in quiet environment
  • DTX402 Touch app to unlock even more features with help of a smart device
  • Works with Rec’n’Share app to allow recording audio from DTK402 kit




4. Roland TD-1DMK Double Mesh Kit

Double the realism of your playing with this double-mesh V-Drums set! Each tension-adjustable pad has two layers of mesh for increased durability and a quiet, sincere sounding rebound so you can play it like you mean it! Absorbing the impact of each hit, this set will pick up subtle nuances of your playing and expression while giving you freedom to practice without limitations, including a very comfortable double kick pedal setup. Perfectly portable and great for students, or someone who needs to dust off and freshen up their drum skills, the set encompasses a built-in, multi-use metronome with adjustable settings, 15 preset kits, 15 play-along songs, and 10 onboard coaching functions that make learning a fun and engaging challenge. Coaching functions include Time Check (easy and hard), Change-Up, Auto Up/Down, Quiet Count, Tempo Check (easy and hard), Stroke Balance, Timer, and Recording – an excellent tool to playback, track, and evaluate your progress. Immerse yourself in the experience by plugging in your headphones, and enhance your learning even more with the free Melodics for V-Drums desktop app. Plug in your computer via the USB port and use this software to unlock 40 free lessons in both classic and modern styles.


  • 15 preset kits
  • 15 play-along songs
  • 10 onboard coaching functions
  • Headphone output
  • USB port to connect to computer for recording

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