Benjamin Adams AS100 Saxophone Outfit | Quicklook (feat. Augie Bello)

The Benjamin Adams AS100 Beginner Alto Saxophone Outfit is a perfectly affordable starter instrument with an ergonomic design that’s great for beginners of all ages. Whether starting marching or concert band for the first time, or learning for fun on your own, this sax gives students an easy way to get started.

Professional Look

Made of yellow brass with a gold lacquer finish, and adorned with a beautiful, deluxe engraving, the AS100 has a smooth, professional look for all players. Yet, its design, including a comfortable thumbrest, enables beginners to train and get accustomed to its hold.

High F Key

The AS100 is an alto saxophone, tuned to the key of Eb and features a high F key so you can practice alternate fingering useful in certain faster passages.

Get Started Today

Each AS100 includes a mouthpiece and protective case so you can bring your instrument to and from practice, rehearsals, and concerts, as well as store it properly in a safe space. Take it home, unpack, and get right to playing!


  • Key of Eb with high F key
  • Yellow brass body with gold lacquer finish
  • Deluxe engraving
  • Comfortable thumbrest
  • Perfect for beginners of all ages
  • Ready to go with a mouthpiece and case