When choosing a basic House of Worship sound system everyone needs to start somewhere. Whether it’s a basic presentation at a community center or a full production in a dedicated House of Worship, creating an environment that allows self-reflection and focus can aid in effectively promoting your message. Inadequate audio quality can easily distract a worshiper’s attention. And, with the ultimate goal being clarity, articulation and listener envelopment, we think it’s helpful for you to visualize how a system comes together for your specific application. We have created three distinct package options to meet the requirement of a “basic PA system” that can handle as many as 500 seats. Reflected in their price-points, these suggested options are presented as “good,” “better,” and “best.” Each system provides a great starting point for your audio needs. Feel free to contact a Sam Ash sales associate if you are interested in customizing any of these package configurations to better suit your specific application. We’ll be glad to work with you on price and product inclusions and we can suggest additional ways to expand your system as your needs change.

Portable PA Systems for Small Congregations

A Portable PA system represents the starting point for any basic presentations or small performances. Typically self-contained, they are simple all-in-one solutions that provide the ultimate in portability and setup ease for virtually any environment. Yamaha, Fender and Samson are just a few off the industry leading names that offer portable PA’s. Due to the nature of their compact size, portable PA systems are mainly suited for smaller venues, though some can be quite powerful. Many offer the ability to connect CD or MP3 players. If not already included in a specific package, you’ll also want to pick up a pair of speaker stands, a microphone and microphone cable as well

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Breaking away from the limitations of a self-contained system, this system, although still considered “portable”, combines greater flexibility and higher quality sound with better overall sound coverage for the congregation. Here, we utilize a stand-alone mixer, powered speakers and the necessary mics, stands, cables and a CD or MP3 player for basic music playback. The stand-alone mixer offers many more features and options for integration with additional equipment making it easier to grow with your input needs. Feel free to add more musicians, a monitoring system, wireless connectivity and more. Furthermore, powered speakers allow for a quick and easy system setup that can provide ideal performance capabilities due to custom matched amplification

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When your congregation grows, so do your audio requirements. Here we take the same basic configuration from the sound system described above (250 seats) and add a pair of floor monitors. You’ll need floor monitors when you begin adding musical performances to your worship presentations. Musicians need to accurately hear themselves to ensure the best performance possible. Many of the “main” powered speakers used for smaller congregations are designed to be dual-purpose, that is, they can easily be repurposed to act as floor monitors as well. In order to provide optimum coverage for this size congregation the main powered speakers will require much more power. These speakers can still be stand-mounted, but due to their size and weight, some customers may choose to have them permanently installed via hanging.

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