Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Barry Gruber graduated from the same high school as Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Joe Arthur (Independent) and Judith Resnik (NASA Astronaut). Currently, he works at our Margate, Florida store where he’s been working at for 10 years. His preferred genres are Rock and Prog Rock.

What artist/moment inspired you to pursue music?

I was raised in a musical family. My father passed down his trumpet to both of my older brothers before finally making its way to me. That was the beginning, but the real proverbial nail in the coffin came when I heard Fur Elise for the very first time during a recital in 6th grade. The passion for music skyrocketed after that driven by Artists such as Billy Joel and Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx. My love for all things Keyboard came in 1984 when I first heard Jump by Van Halen. Up until that time I had only played brass instruments (trumpet, trombone & baritone) and of course piano, but I had no idea where a keyboarded instrument could possibly take me. The first keyboard I purchased with money from delivering papers was the Korg Poly 800. My intention was to learn to play Jump but after buying the keyboard I realized that there was no sound close to what I wanted to hear. This is what started my love of programming and creating new and unique Sound Tapestries.

What is your musical background?

Initially I had wanted to become a Music Educator for the Akron Public Schools, but after a semester of seeing all my funding disappear I had to decide on a different future. The offer to move to Memphis, TN came up and it was with an all star group of musicians that I had mostly grown up with. So begins my days as a Prog Rock keyboardist right around the time Dream Theater became known. Such an amazing group I was a part of but unfortunately not one of us had a clue about managing a business so it finally imploded in 1995. I spent around 10-15 years after that mainly just writing/sequencing my own music before I found an amazing singer to put together a duo with. Sadly that only lasted 3 years before we decided to go our separate ways.

What is unique about you musically?

My style can be compared to Elton John and Dennis DeYoung but I feel my best attribute musically is my Sound Creation, what I like to call my Sound Tapestries. After 30+ years of programming both sounds and sequences its hard to find anyone who knows as much or is as comfortable inside the Synthesizer/Keyboard’s brain.

How are you involved with your local music scene?

My band has performed at many local shows but playing for the Mayors of both the City of Pompano and the City of Port St. Lucie are two accolades I am proud of.

What are your personal goals as a musician?

I personally enjoy spreading the love of music to everyone I can. If there’s ever anything I can do to help someone understand a little more than they did before satisfies my latent desire to teach that I gave up after High School.

What current musical projects are you working on?

Currently I play/sing in a Journey/Styx Tribute band called Majesty of Rock ( I have been a part of this band for 4 years now and have played all over South Florida as well as traveled to Texas for a couple of shows. We have been recognized as being one of the hottest up and coming bands with shows coming up in Wisconsin as well as other Theaters outside of the state of Florida. I also do training and teaching how to use the equipment that people have but can’t use.


You can check out Barry Gruber’s music projects below!

X Nomad X – January Era

Majesty Of Rock (Forever Styx) Tribute Band – St. Ambrose 2018