Marzy Maddox

    Marzy Maddox is a progressive metal trio based in Federick MD. Formed in 2014 by singer Phoenix Johnson, they released their first EP “The Lovely Bones”, that same year. Beginning with a solid rock foundation their music has evolved over the years into a blend of progressive metal and rock. The following year saw the 2015 release of their second EP, “The Tragic Fate of Arthur Volute”. In late 2016 the band welcomed guitarist Matt Earp into the family. Phoenix and Matt spent the next two years without a drummer while writing their first full length album, “Catching up to Massimo.” Coinciding with its 2018 release, the band met and welcomed their drummer Andy Ham into the family. Marzy Maddox has shared the stage with acts such as Haken, Thank You Scientist, Red Sun Rising, A Lot Like Birds, and many other global and national acts. 2019 will see the release of the bands new EP, “Copper Oaks.” Be sure to catch them at their upcoming shows, which you can read about in the following links!