Lights On The Coast

    Lights On The Coast is comprised of rushing energy waves brought to life by the sound of ethereal motion. These four musicians create a unique and original sound combining ambient but dark electronic elements with today’s modern Metalcore sound to bring the ultimate fusion of all original music. The band was formed August 4th 2015 initially in Baltimore Maryland by Matt (guitar/vocals) as a studio project which later evolved into a full outfit as he moved back to his hometown of Albuquerque, NM early 2018. It’s there Jimmy (bass) met up with Matt, followed by Victor (guitar) and then Josh (vocals) soon after as 2018 came to a close. Their first single “Awaken” was released in January of 2019 which met great reviews prompting the start of working with UAC Management in February of 2019. As the music video for “Memories” has made its way into the airwaves, the band anticipates their first full EP release “A Dream State” June 9th. With plans to release a full-length album next, LOTC will remain a crushing title wave in the currents of a world of music that will only get stronger.