Collideoscope started in January of 2018 and formed in Hicksville, NY. The band was named under the idea that different sub genres of rock could “collide” together and make something new and enjoyable. Collideoscope was started by Matt Nussbaum on vocals, Bill Meyer and Steve Bono on guitars, and Joey Oddo on drums. Soon after, they recruited Zach Cohen to play bass. When Bill left the group,  Zach began to play guitar and the band took in Jamie Haughney on bass. The band then began writing and practicing their original music and playing shows in the Long Island, NY area. After a few months, Jamie left the band. In December 2018, Collideoscope took in Ryan Gaetan on bass.The band is currently performing at venues across Long Island and recording their debut EP, but has live performance videos on their YouTube Channel.