About Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica has been a leader in studio microphone technology since its introduction of the AT4033 microphone in 1991. Countless engineers, producers and studios rely on A-T’s mic to deliver dependable, consistent performance year after year. From Phil Ramone’s praise for the AT4033 to Alan Parsons’ adoption of the AT4050 and now Frank Filipetti’s love for the AT5040, Audio-Technica has been a mainstay with legendary engineers and producers worldwide.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ USB Microphone Overview

Audio-Technica’s AT2020USB+ delivers the critically acclaimed, award-winning sound of the original AT2020, plus a USB output for digital recording and design advances for true zero-latency monitoring. Ideal for multi-track music production, content creation and podcasting, the AT2020USB+ is a natural for both instrument and voice pickup. Capturing high-quality audio has never been easier.

Recording Made Easy

One benefit of the AT2020USB+ Microphone is that the digital conversion happening within the microphone. This helps eliminate the need for expensive and bulky external D to A converters that other USB condenser mics may need in order to get a rich tone. As a vocal microphone, the directional cardioid pickup pattern not only helps the microphone focus on intended vocal pick up but also helps in reducing environmental noise such as keyboard and room sounds. Rather than having to record instruments separately, you can now sing and play your instrument simultaneously while minimizing outside noise.

Included Accessories

Zero Latency Monitoring

Have true “live” recording with the microphone’s zero latency monitoring! Having zero latency allows you to record multi-track sessions without fear of the latency inherent in some digital recording offerings. Mix control allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the mix of direct and playback audio at the microphone. The AT2020USB+ provides a high quality headphone amplifier built into the microphone which is superior to most amps built into to native PC and laptop sound cards so you can record incredible audio regardless of the computer you’re using!

Who Needs It

The AT2020USB+ has been praised by musicians, podcasters, YouTubers, streamers and voice-over artists for its incredibly articulate audio capture without sacrificing low frequency warmth. If you’re looking for an affordable USB microphone that records crisp, clean vocals for any type of audio project, this is definitely the microphone for you!