If you see the snake’s pupils as elliptical, you can assume it’s venomous, and you can also tell by its size and –

Wait… oh, audio snakes! Why didn’t you say so? Completely different animal.

In the wonderful world of audio production, audio snakes put the stresses of using multiple cables and inputs/outputs to bed. Live performances and mega-studio sessions often come with wires, cables, gear as far as the eye can see, and plenty of headaches. With an audio snake, you can be better-equipped to run a smooth entertainment-based operation without hindrances and restrictions.

This reptilian-sounding piece of gear will allow you to combine several microphones into a single cable unit. All of your instruments and vocals can be plugged in here, giving you a “mothership” of sorts for optimal soundboard options and live workflow. With varying cable lengths and fairly simple layout, audio snakes will grant you the freedom of distance at your venues, with no limitations to where you choose to place your soundboard for the gig.

A Species of Its Own

Why not just use a bunch of separate cables? This is a legitimate question, so allow us to properly address it. First and foremost, using an audio snake is a much cleaner and organized option for a massive live production. Rigging up all of the bits and bobs for a performance can become quite the process; audio snakes eliminate the clutter of excessive cables running in every different direction. This will give you an opportunity to assess other facets of your live production with greater ease and attention to detail. Besides, do you really want to have to untangle all of those rogue cables afterwards?

Going off the concept of efficiency, using an audio snake will save you a boatload of time. We know how live music and events can be. To put yourself in the best position to succeed, consider using an audio snake to minimize set-up time and simplify individual cable identification.

Audio Snake-Handling

At Sam Ash, we’re here to steer you in the right direction towards a seamless show-setup and kick-butt performance.

For those salivating over a larger-than-life production, look no further than the Proco RoadMASTER Multipair Audio Stage Snake Series, designed to withstand the grandest of shows and the lengthiest of set-ups/tear-downs. Ranging anywhere from 50ft to 200ft, 16 mics to 32 mics and 4 or 8 return lines, this is a perfect match for engineers looking to bring a juggernaut rock ensemble to the stage. It also works well if there are multiple vocalists or instrumentalists that aren’t necessarily of the rock genre, but still require a massive setup and robust sound production. This unit would be ideal for traveling performances or venues where live music is regular and consistent, like a church or recording room.

If an entire band isn’t absorbing your stage or recording space, perhaps some of Radial’s products are better suited for your needs. The Radial Catapult Mini RX 4-Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake is compact, lightweight and utilizes pre-existing cable installations. No digital conversion is necessary here, and you’ll receive a strong & balanced audio line every time. The Catapult Mini RX, and similar Radial audio snakes, may be a good choice for keyboardists using epic, robust setups with tons of synth and key action happening.

No more tangled cables, tripping over wires or unnecessary headaches. Check out an audio snake that’ll get your production job done today at SamAsh.com.