What’s Cooler than Being in a Band?

The brain child of Store Manager Jamie Jackson and Lesson Coordinator Preston Nash, the Ash Rock program was founded at Sam Ash Music Indianapolis in January 2012 for students of all ages who were looking to advance to the next level: performing! Ash Rock was created to help you overcome the modern and traditional challenges of starting or joining a band. You don’t have to audition but instead are evaluated by our Ash Rock coordinator who will help you find the perfect group; age, skill level and your taste in music are all taken into consideration. We have separate options for both youth and adult bands so if you want to play, we will make it happen.  All you have to do is sign up and you will be off jamming with your peers in no time.








Our Facilities

More than just a music store, Sam Ash Indianapolis has two dedicated Ash Rock band rooms within the store, so there is always plenty of space for rehearsals. Some bands like to use our weekly store open mic nights to try out new songs live or to gain more stage experience. It’s not just about playing and performing the song; it’s the set up and the break down and general stage etiquette that comes into play here. We really try to get everyone as ready as we can for their live shows outside of the store.

We Find You Gigs

The magic of Ash Rock is that we try and arrange outside performances for your band at least twice a month. Our adult band members must be 21 and up so that they can play in certain age appropriate venues, such as Radio Radio, The Melody Inn, HiFi, Old National Centre and The Vogue. 





Our youth bands play out too. We have been invited to and participated in several festivals all throughout the spring, summer and fall months. We have had the pleasure of being the live entertainment for The First Friday Food Truck Festivals at The Old National Centre in downtown Indianapolis this past year. Seeing our kids and adults play to over 3000 people was very special.




Liam on stage at a Green Day concert

One of our biggest play outs happened when one of our 8 year old Ash Rock students, Liam O’Rourke, was attending his first concert last summer; Green Day, his favorite band. He and his dad moved to the front when Billie Joe Armstrong asked, “Do we have any kids in the audience that play guitar?” Liam started jumping up and down, and the crowd around him started to point his way, and he was selected. Billie Joe asked, “Can you play?” Liam answered, with no hesitation, “Oh yeah!” He played Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” in front of 23,000 people, did a flying kick jump off of the riser in front of the drums and became an instant legend! After the show, all three members of the band signed the Epiphone Les Paul Jr. they had Liam play and then presented it to him.



What Are You Waiting For?

We have over 70 Ash Rock bands and more than 75% of our members also take lessons in the store. After all, Come in and Play is the Sam Ash way and we mean it. If you don’t have an instrument to play or you want to try something new, you can borrow one of ours while playing in the store. If you’re looking to buy we have an entire staff of expert musicians waiting to help you find the perfect instrument for you or your student. Our students also get special discounts and can jam out on our incredible selection of professional music and sound gear.