Who is Universal Audio?

Universal Audio has a rich legacy in the recording industry, ever since it was founded by Bill Putnam Sr. in 1958. Putnam is known as one of the fathers of modern recording, developing many new studio methods, recording techniques, and equipment still utilized today. His designs such as the 1176 compressor and 610 tube preamp are renowned worldwide as the “secret sauce” behind many of the classic recordings of the last 50 years. In 1999, Universal Audio was refounded by Bill Putnam Jr. and James Putnam. To this day UA strives to bridge the gap between analog and digital, still hand-wiring classic 1176 and LA-2As in their Scotts Valley, California headquarters, and bringing these classic sounds into the digital world with their industry-leading analog emulations on the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform.

What is the Universal Audio Apollo Twin?

Available for both Mac and PC audio systems, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin brings you the workflow and character of an analog studio to your desktop. Its class-leading audio quality and Unison mic preamps ensure you get the best-sounding recordings possible. Every Apollo Twin includes the Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle, a suite of plug-ins designed to get you mixing right away. And with its onboard Realtime UAD Processing, you can run any of these plug-ins in real time, with near-zero latency. But that’s only the beginning. Visit the UA Online store for a whole world of sonic possibilities for your Twin — with EQs, compressors, reverbs, guitar amp emulations, and more.

Why you need the Universal Audio Apollo Twin in Your Studio

UAD Real-time Processing

With Apollo Twin you can record and mix through any of the 90+ UAD Powered Plug-Ins available, with emulations of famous analog recording gear from Manley, Neve, SSL, Ampex, Studer, Fairchild, and many more. Apollo Twin’s Realtime UAD Processing is especially great for recording guitar players and vocalists, as they can record through vintage guitar amps from Marshall, Fender, and ENGL, or effects from Lexicon, MXR, Ibanez — all with no discernible latency. This unique workflow removes that pesky delay you can hear when tracking, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect performance.

Unison Preamp Technology

Universal Audio’s proprietary Unison technology enables Apollo Twin’s mic preamps and Hi-Z inputs to sound and behave like the world’s most acclaimed mic preamps, guitar amps, and stompboxes. When Universal Audio developed these special Unison plug-ins, their impedance, gain stage “sweet spots” and circuit behaviors were meticulously captured. When these Unison plug-ins meet Apollo Twin, the analog circuitry in the Twin itself changes to match the settings of the plug-in. The result is revolutionary — Apollo’s mic preamps mimic the characteristics of a Neve console, or a Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe — flawlessly, in real time.

Included Plug in Bundle

When you purchase an Apollo Twin, you also get the included Real-time Analog Classics plug-in bundle which includes the most essential UAD Powered Plug-Ins, so you can start tracking and mixing right away. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:

  • UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Unison Plug-In — Gives your tracks the same warmth and character of the classic hardware used to track everyone from Frank Sinatra to Coldplay.
  • Raw Distortion Unison Plug-In — Get gritty distortion. Modeled from a vintage early 1980s Pro Co Rat.
  • Softube Amp Room Essentials Bundle — Featuring three plug-ins — the Vintage Amp Room Metal Amp Room, and Bass Amp Room. Includes adjustable mic placement for fine-tuning your tones.
  • UA 1176 & Teletronix LA-2A Classic Compressor/Limiter Plug-Ins — The legendary go-to compressors for professional recording engineers and mixers around the world. The solid-state 1176 provides punch, presence, and distortion, while the LA-2A’s gentle tube compression settings work great for vocals and bass.
  • Precision Mix Rack Collection — A suite of professional mixing and mastering tools — EQ, Delay Modulation, a Reflection Engine, and more.
  • RealVerb Pro — A flexible, natural-sounding reverb with many options, allowing you to pick the perfect amount and character of reverb for your tracks.

Available Options

Universal Audio has several different versions of the Apollo Desktop Audio interface you can select from including the Apollo Twin SOLO, Apollo Twin Duo USB Version, Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt Version.

Solo vs. Duo Version

Apollo Twin includes onboard Realtime UAD Processing, powered by UAD-2 SHARC processors. The Apollo Twin SOLO contains one SHARC processor, while the Apollo Twin DUO includes two SHARC processors, allowing you to run even more UAD plug-ins.

USB vs. Thunderbolt

Apollo Twin is available for Mac systems via a Thunderbolt connection, as well as PC systems via a USB connection. Apollo Twin Thunderbolt units easily combine with larger Apollo Rack Thunderbolt audio interfaces as well as UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt and PCIe DSP cards, and also can be used as a desktop monitor control. Apollo Twin USB units easily combine with UAD-2 Satellite USB, Satellite FireWire, and PCIe DSP cards.