Albert Lee: An Artist Interview

January 19, 2021  
Posted by Dave Stutts
Albert Lee: An Artist Interview

It's a strange feeling when a guitar legend comes into your office to sit down and talk with you. What could you possibly ask that he hasn't been asked before? What things can you say that he would appreciate hearing for the first time? These are some of the small things that you have to overcome in preparation for an artist interview. What has Albert been up to lately? Is there still a British versus USA sound? Find all this out and more as we delve into our interview with the amazing Albert Lee.


Final Thoughts

Albert Lee is a legendary guitarist who is worth our time and adoration. Being able to play his signature guitar right next to him as he played his was a thrill that I won't soon forget.  If you'd like more information on this amazing instrument, you can simply click the link below.


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