Roland Fantom Synthesizers | Overview and Livestream

Check out our livestream where Ben Ash sat down with Ed Diaz and Scott Berry from Roland to discuss the FANTOM series of synthesizers!

Let your creativity flow with Roland’s line of FANTOM synthesizers. Built for the modern player, Roland has designed a series of synths with smooth workflow and increased hands-on control, allowing you to focus more on your art and less on pesky menu-diving. With excellent playability, a flexible sound engine, and the ability to store and recall thousands of sounds, the FANTOM series presents a focus on performance that won’t go unnoticed.

Excellent Playability
The FANTOM series uses high-quality keyboards that are sure to feel great under your fingertips. The 88-note model features a fully-weighted keyboard, while the 76- and 61-note models both feature semi-weighted keyboards. All models feature aftertouch for fully expressive playing. A series of knobs and sliders allow for incredibly intuitive hands-on control, while players have the choice of a lever or jog wheels to control pitch and modulation.

FANTOM Sound Engine and V-Piano Technology
Featuring a flexible sound engine, the FANTOM series allows users access to everything from classic Roland synth sounds, to top notch electric and acoustic instrument samples. Edit parameters in real time and layer different sounds to create unique scenes that you can save and recall later on. Beyond synth sounds, piano is still at the heart of the FANTOM line. Roland’s V-Piano technology helps to produce realistic piano sounds able to accurately replicate their acoustic counterparts.

Expansive Connectivity
FANTOM synthesizers have the ability to connect to other gear such as computers and analog synths. You can control software synthesizers from the touch screen, use dual CV/Gate outputs to drive modular and analog units, or use FANTOM as an audio interface with 3 stereo inputs and 16 stereo outputs.

















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