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Sonuus G2MV3 Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

A new benchmark in accessible MIDI Guitar has been created: the Version 3 G2M! It includes several significant improvements, all whilst preserving the trademark plug-and-play usability of the original.


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MSRP: Old Price $99.00 Discounted Price $79.00 Save : $20.00 (20%)
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The G2M is a simple-to-use, highly effective, guitar-to-MIDI converter. It is “Universal” because it doesn't need a special pick-up mounted on your guitar, but instead simply connects to your guitar like any other effects pedal or tuner. Designed to give accurate triggering, with very low-latency, it is a true plug-and-play solution for monophonic MIDI guitar. It can be used to sequence bass lines and guitar solos add an edge to your live performances — it opens up many creative possibilities.

Improves Playing Technique
For optimal MIDI conversion, your guitar playing needs to be clean and accurate. Accidental notes, resonating open strings and other sounds can often be converted into undesired MIDI notes. Often you don’t hear these when playing guitar yourself, but can detect them easily when listening live to the generated MIDI. Striving to improve MIDI note accuracy, encourages clean picking and accurate fingering, with good control over non-sounding strings by damping them.

While low-latency is important, robust triggering is the key to usability — you can easily adapt to some latency, but you cannot adapt to random, spurious notes. The G2M gives you both! By virtue of the unique, inherently robust technology used in the G2M™ you will be able to reliably generate accurate MIDI quickly and easily. Notes are generated exactly as played, and the nuances of your performance are captured with fast, accurate pitch-bend data.

Not only will your MIDI output be more accurate, your normal guitar playing will sound clearer and more professional. It’s like having a tutor sitting beside you giving you advice. It’s also great fun!

Built-in Tuner
The built-in tuner uses our PULSAR tuning technology where the power LED doubles as a tuning indicator. This innovative tuner gives you a fast and accurate way to tune your guitar.

When you try the G2M and generate some new sounds, the first thing that strikes you is how much fun it is. Unleash new creative inspiration and invigorate your soul.

  • Any electric guitar can be used as a solo MIDI guitar
  • Also works with bass, voice and wind instruments
  • No instrument modifications or special pickups required
  • Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes
  • Fast, accurate pitch-bend determination, or chromatic mode
  • Very low latency & very fast tracking
  • Built-in precision tuner for standard guitar/bass tuning
  • Battery-powered with long battery life
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Really is plug-and-play

Get your Sonuus G2MV3 Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter  today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter
  • Owner's Manual

Power issues not explained well.


Okay, this thing took a lot of tinkering just to power it up. It takes a 9 volt AA battery (is there even such a thing?), so of course a traditional AA would not work. Fine, I'll hook up a power supply. Nope. Traditional power supplies are pin negative and this one is pin positive. Fortunately I did happen to have one of those and finally got it to light up. I haven't hooked it up yet, so I can't really comment on performance. Just keep in mind you will also need a pin positive barrel-type power supply to do anything with it. And you better hope the barrel fits!



G2MV3 Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

3.0 1


Switches CHROMATIC switch to enable/disable pitch-bending
Inputs 6.35mm mono jack (switches unit on when jack is inserted)
9V DC power jack, 2.1mm centre pin
Standard 5-pin MIDI (via breakout cable)
Outputs .35mm mono jack connected directly to input jack
Standard 5-pin MIDI socket
Power Supply 9V DC PSU (max 30mA)
AA battery
Battery Type Single "AA"
Battery Life Typically more than 20 hours operating time
Weight 2.82 oz.
Dimensions 3.25" x 2.3" x 1.4"
Model G2MV3
Information not available

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