Snare Drums


Snare Drums

Snare drums really are the bread and butter of your drum set, after all they're what get heads banging and booties shaking. That is why it’s important to always have the right drum for the gig. When checking out snare drums, you’re really looking for something that has a sound all its own. It's a very personal thing for most drummers. In fact, trying to find the perfect drum is almost like searching for the Holy Grail. We want something that's uniquely individual, yet has the distinct ability to transcend genres. A snare drum with a warm, deep, full bodied sound. At the same time it needs to have a sharp crack with a rim-shot like a shotgun blast.

Now because everyone's ears are different, snare drums come in all different sizes and materials with all kinds of accessories. No fooling; there's maple, brass, birch, acrylic, steel, mahogany, fiberglass, bronze, oak, copper, beech, poplar, even concrete! Now let's think about accessories; there's die-cast hoops, triple-flange hoops, single-flange hoops, stick saver hoops, S-hoops, super hoops, mighty hoops, and don't even get me started on throw-offs or lugs! Could be a little overwhelming, but don't worry, we're here to help guide you through our snare drums, and help find the perfect one for you. Sam Ash Carries some of the top names in snare drums, including TamaPearlPork PieLudwig, and many others. So whether you're in the studio or hitting the stage, rest assured you'll always have that perfect snare drums for the job.

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