Slate VMS ML-2 Modeling Microphone

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Slate VMS ML-2 Modeling Microphone, Small-Diaphragm Condenser Mic, Recreates the tone of an entire mic locker of instrument mics, Ultra linear response with no distortion, VMS software - Classic Tubes mic module w/ 8 classic tube microphone models
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The ML-2 microphone is the second model in Slate's award-winning Virtual Microphone System. This small diaphragm microphone is capable of recreating the tone of an entire mic locker of instrument mics – including dynamics like the 57 and 421, cardioid models of classic ribbons like the 121, other famous small diaphragm mics like the 451 and 222, and even large diaphragm mics like the famous 414 and tube 67.

Like its big brother the ML-1, the ML-2 microphone was designed to have an ultra linear response with no distortion, so that it can serve as a blank canvas for our modeling software.

Slate tested a large number of mics during the development of the ML-2, and found that even the most expensive small diaphragm microphone designs saturate when micing very loud and transient-rich sources like close mic'd drums. Therefore, Slate added a proprietary switch on the ML-2 called "Dynamic" which attenuates the mic's output and repolarizes the capsule, allowing the ML-2 to be used in extremely high SPL situations without overloading or saturating. As a result, it can be used just like a dynamic mic on drums, guitar cabs, and more.

To get the most out of the ML-2 you can pair it with the VRS8 interface, which includes eight VMS Ultra Linear mic preamps. Additionally, the ML-2 is available a la carte and can work with any preamp, although it can't be guaranteed that the software emulations will be accurate.

Latency Free Processing
The Virtual Microphone System software consists of the Classic Tubes microphone module, which contains eight classic tube microphone models. None of these processing blocks add any latency to the audio signal, so if you use a low latency interface with VMS you can track through the VMS software without any audible monitoring delay.

To accomplish this, Slate recommends a Thunderbolt or fast USB interface, recording at 96khz with the lowest buffer size possible. The combination of the 96khz sampling rate and low buffer size ensures the lowest possible latency.

Mic Locker Includes:
S-47F, S-67, S-7, S-E20, S-57, S-Custom Snare, S-57 Modern, S-112, S-421, S-Custom Tom, S-414 Normal, S-414 Dynamic, S-12, S-Custom Kick, S-121 Normal, S-121 Dynamic, S-222, S-451


  • Small diaphragm microphone
  • Recreates the tone of an entire mic locker of instrument mics
  • Ultra linear response with no distortion
  • Virtual Microphone System software - Classic Tubes microphone module w/ 8 classic tube microphone models
  • XLR connector

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