Slate Trigger 2 Platinum Drum Plug-In (Digital Download)

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Trigger 2 Platinum with 46 Snares, 33 Kick Drums, and 8 Sets of Toms.
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Steven Slate Trigger 2.0 is the audio industry's not so secret weapon for getting big, professional drums sounds in mixes. TRIGGER has a phase accurate multi-layered triggering engine. This means that in one instance of the plugin, you can seamlessly trigger 8 stereo samples simultaneously such as a close mic sample, stereo overhead sample, and a stereo room mic samples. Or, mix many direct mic samples to develop your own custom unique sounds. This multi-channel triggering functionality allows the user to recreate the sound of natural drums with real multitracked samples. Each sample layer has parameters for customization such as velocity and dynamic control, attack, sustain, release and independent levels.

Industry Standard Drum Library
Trigger comes stock with a library of the industry standard drum samples created by Steven Slate. Elite mixers such as Chris Lord Alge, Ross Hogarth, Justin Neibank, Dave Way, Jeff Juliano, Jay Baumgardner, Ben Grosse, David Kahn, Ryan Williams, and many more top names have relied on Slate's samples to help enhance the drum sounds in their mixes for years. All the samples in Trigger are recorded to 2-inch tape and processed with the finest in vintage and modern analog gear. TRIGGER can also load expansion libraries such as Steven Slate Deluxe, Chris Lord Alge, Terry Date, Blackbird studios, and David Bendeth.

Eight Layers of Samples
Trigger allows you to layer eight multi-velocity samples in its sample mixer. That means you can have multiple close mic layers, overhead layers, room mic layers, and more, all in one sample instance. Using the classic mixer, you can craft the perfect final sample tone. The eight-channel mixer also allows you to create hybrid sample sounds using different drum samples and mixing them together.

Leakage Suppression
Trigger's proprietary leakage suppression allows you to send spill tracks to the plugin so it can intelligently ignore the leakage in a track, so you can get extremely low velocity sample replacement without mis triggering.

MIDI In and Out
Trigger's MIDI engine allows you to trigger audio from MIDI and can turn audio tracks into MIDI tracks via drag and drop.


  • 46 Snares (Including 2 high-detailed Deluxe snares with adjustable overheads and 12 alternation hits per each velocity)
  • 33 Kick Drums (Including 2 Deluxe kick drums)
  • 8 Sets of Toms
  • MIDI In and Out
  • Leakage Suppression
  • Eight Layers of Samples

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*Requires An iLok 2 or 3 USB Dongle.

Things You Will Get:

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  • Model Number 11-31377
    Model 11-31377
    Series Trigger Series
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