Skeptical Guitar From Scratch: Streamlined Edition.

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Table of Contents
Guitar parts
Fretting diagrams and notes
Relative tuning
Basic chords: Em, E, Am, C, G, D
G chord family
Rhythm changes
C chord family
Strumming: rock, folk, country
D chord family
Seventh chords
A and E chord families
Jazz chords
Suspended chords
Anchor chords
Fingerpicking: arpeggios & Travis
Chords up the neck
Power chords

Barre chords: E and A shape
Capo use
Extensive chord listing
Slash chord progressions
Single note playing
Bass runs in different keys
Major scales: C, G, D, A, E
Minor scales
The Blues
12 bar blues in E
Blues shuffle
Blues lead playing in E
Pentatonic minor scale
12 bar blues and shuffle in A
Playing blues lead up the neck
Major pentatonic scale: G and C
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