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Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast Microphone Preamp

Combining top-notch transformers and op-amps the TB-12 Tone Beast begs to be driven hard, adding character and sweetly shaping a whole variety of different signals


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Preamps offer different things to different people. Some may want clean, uncolored tones while others may desire plenty of character and tone-shaping flexibility. If you’re one of those who wants the best of both worlds, then the Warm Audio TB12 Tonebeast is going to make you quite happy.

Providing up to 71dB of gain, the TB12 can handle whatever you throw at it and allows its character to come alive when driven into harmonic distortion. While changes are subtle at lower volumes, simply choose between the TB12’s unique sound-shaping features while saturating the input level and you’ll immediately notice the difference in tonal characteristics of the interchangeable transformers and opamps.

Instruments and vocals will benefit equally from the performance of this truly powerful preamp. From home studios to professionals on the road, the assortment of tones and unique functionality of the TB12 Tonebeast could only have been achieved previously through an assortment of additional preamps. No longer.

A. McKenzie (Mgr. SamAsh Pro Web Content)- pianist 40-years, producer, composer

  • Discrete 312 preamp design with coupled CineMag Transformers
  • 71db of gain
  • Transformer selection provides both Steel and 50% Nickel CineMag output transformers for varying character
  • Transformer bypass switch allows for removal of the output transformer from the circuit
  • Discrete Op-amp selection provides both the classic 1731(vintage) and 918(modern) style opamps.  These are socketed/swappable with your choice of 2520 6-pin footprint opamps.
  • Impedance switch labeled TONE to switch between 150 and 600 ohms input impedance
  • Capacitor selection between Tantalum and Electrolytic for different characters
  • 80Hz hi-pass filter
  • Polarity Reverse
  • +48V phantom power
  • Output attenuation allowing for saturation flexibility of both the opamps and transformers
  • 1/4" Insert for the use of inline compressors, eq's etc..
  • -20db Pad
  • LED VU Meter
  • 19" rackmountable
  • External line-lump 24V AC power transformer for low noise

Things You Will Get:

    TB12 Preamp
    Power adapter

Many sounds in one box.


Warm Audio's TB12 Tone Beast mic preamp is really multiple preamps in one. The 2 different Op Amps and 2 different output transformers are available at the flip of a switch. These differences in Op Amps really show when you push the preamp to the limits while the change in transformers from the 100% Steel to 50% Nickel will change from a colored sound to less color but more low and high end. You can also source other Op Amps and swap them out yourself for even more tonal options however Warm Audio warns "Beware that Warm Audio may not be able to warranty a unit that has been opened and tinkered with" so be careful. I would highly recommend this for both home and professional studio use.

Kyle Redding

Tampa, FL


This really is a Jack of all Trades...


In a world of many preamp options, the Tone Beast is a true stand out! With a simple push of a button and click of a switch this preamp brings together some of the classic sounds used in most recordings. Go from vintage British tone to classic 70's Cali tone is seconds... And you can plug and play with after-market op-amps...customize your Tone Beast for your personal use.


Tampa, FL


TB12 Tone Beast Microphone Preamp

5.0 2


Preamp Type Solid-State
Channels 1
Gain 71dB
Phantom Power Yes
Analog Inputs Number 2
Analog Input Types XLR, 1/4" TRS line and 1/4" TS instrument
Analog Outputs Number 2
Analog Outputs Types XLR and TRS
Other Controllers -20dB pad
80Hz hipass filter
Tone and Saturation
Dimensions 24" x 15" x 6" (W x D x H) shipped
Model TB12 Tone Beast

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