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Schaller S-Locks Guitar Straplocks (Set of 2)


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Discounted Price $19.95 to $26.95

Discounted Price $19.95 to $26.95
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If you're a guitar or bass player who would hate to see your favorite axe fall to the stage while you're playing then you need a Schaller Straplock system. Attach it to your strap and your guitar and you're set. Now your strap will only come off when you want it to. Available in Gold, Black Chrome and Nickel finishes

Great alternative to Dunlop


These are much easier to install on your strap compared to the Dunlop system. Where these are annoying is when removing the strap from your guitar. On the dunlops you push a button to release the strap, on these you pull the pin and slide the strap off. It catches several times and it can be annoying to remove. The good news is that means your strap isn't going anywhere unless you want it to. The overall hardware is robust and doesn't come loose. The buttons/pins are large enough to use a normal strap and don't protrude very far from the guitar the way the dunlops do. If you have a guitar with the button location on the back of the neck or back of the horn, then I recommend these for sure.



Great service; quick delivery.


Excellent accessory to protect guitar from accidental drops due to strap slippage off guitar.

KY Jack

Western Kentucky


Great straplocks. I own a few sets and will continue to buy


These are some of the best straplocks. I'll continue to buy them again and again in the future.

Dr J

Rhode Island


Just buy 'em already


Been using these for years and consider them a must have to protect my instruments.




Great Straplocks


They work very well. Easy to install and I appreciate that two different screw lengths are provided.

Mike the Bass Guy

Houston, TX


when I buy another guitar I will buy from you again lol


now I have them for all my guitars thats how much I like them !!!!

Jammin' Johnny

Illinois,and Las Vegas


Solid locking straps!


Easy to put on and very easy to use when switching guitars. Wouldn't use any other ones.


Miami, Florida


On all of my axes!


I have been installing Schaller Straplocks on all of my guitars for over 20 years! I have NEVER had one fail, which is a big deal when you are playing high end guitars that you spent hard earned money on! Whether gigging around or noodling at home, your guitar is safe and secure (from falls, that is).

Mad Mike



Get a Grip!


Just use the screws (if they fit into the Schaller locks) that came with your guitar. My screws were slightly larger than the ones that came with the Schaller locks. Plus, my guitar has two different screw lengths, one being considerably shorter to accommodate a very thin upper horn. But, when I screwed them through the locks on a scrap piece of wood they fit just fine. I haven't found better strap locks than Schallers. I find them totally reliable even under extreme conditions.


Tampa, FL


Work GREAT...


I have these locks on 3 of my guitar straps and recommend them highly. For the individual who had a problem, I would almost bet you have a real problem thinking for yourself. I had a problem on one guitar (My fault in that I stripped out the wood on a softer body) and fixed it with no problem with liquid nails, which once dried is as strong as the wood you are fixing. These strap locks will definately do their job if you do yours and put them on/hook up correctly.


Santee, CA


S-Locks Guitar Straplocks (Set of 2)

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