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Martin has been synonymous with the highest quality acoustic guitars since the company's founding in 1833 by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. Six generations later, the company remains owned by the Martin family and headed by CEO, Chris Martin. These instruments are unmatched in versatility, quality, innovation and stand as a beacon of American craftsmanship.

Sam Ash is an fully authorized Martin dealer so you can buy your Martin guitar with confidence knowing you will receive a factory-fresh, fully warranteed instrument. Plus you will get your Martin guitar at the guaranteed lowest price - and we back that up before and after the sale. Fast, free shipping, too! Need advice on choosing the right Martin guitar? Call one of our experts at 1-800-472-6274 between 9AM and 11PM EST. They can help you figure out which model Martin is best for you.

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Martin Guitars Of Distinction

Looking for something special? Check out our selection of Martin Guitars Of Distinction. These guitars represent some of the finest instruments produced by CF Martin. Hand-picked by our guitar specialists, each one of these instruments is individually photographed and weighed.

You'll find custom shop models, limited-editions, Sam Ash Exclusives and more. The one you see is the one you will get!

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C.F. Martin Guitars, American Craftsmanship and American Music

There are some guitars that can be sold, and there are others that sell themselves. With a history of innovation and quality that has spanned 37 Presidents of the United States, C.F. Martin & Co. has been a standard bearer in the acoustic guitar world longer than any guitar maker on Earth.

In their song "The Weight" the Band sings, “Pulled into Nazareth …” This refers not to the birthplace of Jesus, but to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where nearly all Martins are crafted, except the DXM series, the LXM “Little Martin”, the Backpacker, and the Martin Ukes and Mandolins, which are made in Martin’s factory in Navojoa, Mexico. Legendary artists spanning all musical styles, such as Gene Autry, Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, and Dave Matthews, have proudly strapped a Martin acoustic guitar over their shoulders.

Since its inception, C.F. Martin & Co. has made major improvements to the acoustic instrument design and sound, and for a century and a half the world has followed. The Dreadnought-style body, which is commonplace in modern day acoustic guitars, expanded the body size to add deep bass tones to compliment the crisp treble featured in "standard" smaller acoustic guitars of the time. The X-bracing pattern under the acoustic's top stabilized its construction while increasing vibration for a clearer sound. Martin also revolutionized acoustic guitar necks by extending them from 12 to 14 frets, which made higher notes much easier to reach. More recently, the Martin Performing Artist Series has brought a new level of sound quality to the acoustic-electric guitar.

Martin Acoustic Guitars

From the affordable D16GT model on up, Martin acoustic guitars are made by Martin in the USA and include features like the finest tonewoods, proven bracing, high-quality material, and time tested techniques. Vintage, collectible and discontinued Martin acoustic guitars have been known to increase in value to 6 figure levels (and Martin makes vintage reissues for much less), so you know your choice of a Martin acoustic guitar is a wise investment.

Martin Acoustic Electric Guitars

Martin Acoustic Electric Guitars, most notably the Performing Artist Series, take the incredible sound and craftsmanship of Martin Acoustic guitars to a new level. Each of these guitars has a cutaway design allowing you to reach the highest notes with ease, the same fine tone as the great Martin acoustics, and a specially designed Fishman AURA sound system that lets you send the pure Martin tone to your sound system or recording, without losing any of subtlety.

Inexpensive Martin Guitars

There are no cheap Martin guitars, but there are inexpensive ones; The Backpacker, the Little Martins, and the DXM series guitars made in Martin’s facilities in Mexico have achieved amazing sound, while using money saving manufacturing techniques and high pressure laminate tops and sides in place of the solid tonewoods of their American counterparts. These are available as Acoustic and Acoustic Electric Guitars. When looking for an affordable Martin, beware of anything coming from the far east; Martin does not manufacture there, but there are poor quality counterfeits being made.