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Snark S-12 Snarkman Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner


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The Sam Ash EXCLUSIVE Snarkman S-12 tuner features a faster processing chip for enhanced accuracy in pitch black

The exclusive new and improved Snarkman S-12 model includes faster processing chip, enhanced accuracy, and new high definition screen that can be read from any angle. Its pitch black color allows for discreet placement anywhere on your headstock while you tune.  

Snark tunes tighter so you sound better. Full color LCD makes it fast and easy to tune. Stay put clip attaches to any instrument or music stand. Tap Tempo Metronome, Pitch Calibration, and Transpose Feature. Tune using built in mic or internal vibration sensor.

• With stay put clip, display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
• Extended frequency range for all instruments
• Tap Tempo Metronome
• High sensitivity vibration sensor and internal mic
• Sam Ash Exclusive model at an exclusive price

Sam Ash and Snark have teamed up to offer you an exclusive deal on a reliable product. Get yours today, only from Sam Ash Music.

S-12 Snakman Clip-on Chromatic Instrument Tuner


I make a noise with a tenor banjo. Considering I have some challenges keeping the rhythm, can't read music and am tone def , the tuner really has improved the sound the banjo produces! The wife's and pets last a bit longer in the house now when I bring out the banjo.

Not again

Sanford, NC


Really good clip on tuner


I own about 4 of these myself. They're pretty close to perfect tune but not the caliber of a strobe. They do have many redeeming traits however. Mic or vibration sensing, built in metronome, up to 4 flats drop tune and tempo setting. Not too much else does that under $20. -this is a staff review by stern at SamAsh Music 57


Indianapolis, In


Stop Buying Another Tuner Every Month!


This Snark Tuner has it all. It uses both vibration and microphone to sense tones, and dials you in the just the right spot with its easy-to-understand readout. I've used it on Violins, Guitars, Saxophones, Flutes, Trumpets, Trombones, Pianos, and even Vocalists! Just when you think it can't get any better, it ALSO includes a tap metronome with arrow-adjusters on the back. Its replaceable 2032 watch battery makes for a handy, long-term investment- unlike any other tuner you've used!


Las Vegas


Easily the best tuner widely available


I love this tuner and have been using it to tune m instruments since I've started playing nearly 8 years back ! It just works, clips on to nearly any instrument and stays clipped throughout the tuning process. Has a built in metronome to keep you in time and a full color LCD to make sure visibility is never an issue

Darius Taylor

Edison, NJ

The Only Tuner You Need to Own!!


The Snark S-12 tuner is an amazing little tuner that can handle just about any instrument you can think of. With the option of using the vibration sensor or the built-in microphone, this tuner will accurately hear anything from strings, woodwinds, brass, guitars, basses, and more! It's got a bright LED display for easy reference; and when set to vibration function, your instrument is the only one it can hear, meaning it can tune your guitar while in a noisy environment. Also features a tap-tempo metronome to find the tempo of any song. Get yours today!




Most Accurate Tuner!


Seriously there are so many tuners these days that it's hard to find the best one for the best price. Well the Snark is the one. Its crazy accurate for relying on the small microphone built in, or easier yet, working off of the vibrations. It can be calibrated in many ways, and also has a built in metronome to help you stay on beat or find the right BPM you need. Amazing little tool!


Indianapolis, IN


Great Headstock Tuner!


This is the best headstock tuner on the market and the best bang for your buck! It works well and is very durable. I have had one for a few years and it still works great. These are the new industry standard for tuners on the market, I would recommend anyone with a stringed instrument buy one.




Great Clip On Tuner


The best of clip on tuners. The moveable head piece makes it easy to view from any angle. The screen is also simple to read. The sensitivity is second to none, and also works on any instrument you can clip it to. Cant clip? well it also has a microphone setting to pick up sound acoustically as well.




A must have for any musician


The Snark tuner is a must have for any musician. Clips right onto any instrument and gives you an extremely accurate tuning because unlike the internal microphone tuners (which can be an issue in a loud room), these are based on frequency vibrations which will not be disrupted by any outside noises. Super simple to use and extremely easy to read.


Edison, NJ




Small ye very accurate little tuner. I use it on electric, acoustic as well as violins and such. Never a problem

Lee @ Sam Ash Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH


S-12 Snarkman Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner

5.0 10


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