Roland TM-1 Drum Trigger Module

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Roland's TM-1 Drum Trigger Module is unique, powerful, and makes it easy to expand the sounds of any acoustic drum kit. From onboard kick, snare, tom, cymbal, and percussion samples to loading your own samples/loops, layer and enhance your playing today!
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The TM-1 is a unique trigger module that makes it easy for every player to enhance their own distinctive style, and customize your sound to fit YOU and your gig. The TM-1 offers a simple solution to bring hybrid power to your acoustic kit, cover any gig with 15 ready-to-play kits, and a convenient editor app for sample import and quick sound creation. Every working drummer can benefit from a hybrid setup these days, and the TM-1 is the easiest and most affordable place to start.

A Simple Solution to Bring Hybrid Power to Your Acoustic Kit
Hybrid drum setups are everywhere these days, from stadium concerts to small clubs and bars. Busy working drummers love the ability to bring studio-style impact to their core acoustic sounds and be able to cover the electronic percussion parts that are so essential to modern music styles. At first, creating a hybrid acoustic-electronic setup can seem daunting, but with the TM-1, it's easy for any player to start their hybrid journey. Just mount one or more Roland trigger devices within your setup, connect them to the TM-1, and access any sound you need. With dedicated controls for sensitivity, pitch, and more, there's no technical knowledge required for operation - simply turn the knobs until the sound is right to you and start playing!

Cover Any Gig with 15 Ready-to-Play Kits
When playing on stage with just your acoustic kit, it's difficult or impossible to change your sound on the fly. But with a hybrid drum kit, changes can be made in an instant. Now you can play the sound of that unique drum you couldn't bring to the gig, or incorporate samples and loops to enhance and expand your main drum sound. Out of the box, the TM-1 has 15 ready-to-go kits with two instruments in each. The free editor app unlocks access to a library of over 150 additional sounds, including kick, snare, and other drums, and even synth loops. And with the ability to add your own sounds via the editor as well, the sonic possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever you want to achieve, changing your kit's sound during the set has never been easier.

Editor App for Sample Import and Quick Sound Creation
A hybrid drum setup lets you choose and customize the sounds for your entire set list, so each song gets the perfect drum sound. With the TM-1 Editor, you're able to access all the module's internal sounds, import your own original samples, assign sounds to each trigger pad, and quickly customize them however you like. Samples up to six seconds long can be imported from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or even cloud storage. And you don't have to take your laptop to the gig to change up sounds at the last second - just use your smartphone!


  • The Easiest Way to Get Started with the Power of Hybrid Drums
  • Simple and Intuitive to Use with Direct Controls for all Trigger Functions  
  • Small Size, Battery Operation, and Sturdy Floor-Based Design Integrates Easily with Your Regular Drum Set
  • Two Built-In Footswitches for Triggering Sounds, Changing Kits, and Muting the Module
  • Suitable for any Music Style from Rock and Metal to Electronic Music and Beyond
  • 15 Ready-to-Play Onboard Kits and Nearly Unlimited Sound Customization via a Convenient Editor App
  • Free TM-1 Editor (Mac/Windows, iOS/Android) Provides Access to over 150 Additional Sounds Plus User Sample Import and Much More
  • Compatible with Roland RT-Series Acoustic Drum Triggers and a Wide Variety of Roland Trigger Pads
  • Connect up to 2 Pads or Triggers (2 Single-Trigger Devices or 1 Dual-Trigger Device)
  • Also Works as a Trigger-to-MIDI Convertor When Connected to a Computer
  • USB for Editor Communication and Trigger-to-MIDI Conversion
  • USB Cable and 9V Battery Included

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Things You Will Get:

  • Drum Trigger Module
  • USB Cable
  • Battery
  • User Manual
  • Model Number TM-1
    Model TM-1
    Bluetooth No
    Recording No
    USB No
    Kick Pedal Included No
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